A Girl and an Astronaut cast: who's who in the Polish sci-fi romance

An astronaut and a girl in A Girl and an Astronaut on Netflix
Who's in the cast of A Girl and an Astronaut? (Image credit: Netflix)

A Girl and an Astronaut (Dziewczyna i kosmonauta) is a Polish Netflix series that follows Marta (Magdalena Cielecka, Vanessa Aleksander) as she gets entangled in a love triangle with best friends and pilots Nikodem (Jędrzej Hycnar) and Bogdan (Andrzej Chyra, Jakub Sasak).

In 2022, the ambitious pilots compete for Marta's affections, as well as fight for a spot on an important space expedition. Nikodem manages to succeed in securing a place on the space program, but he doesn't return for 30 years due to a failure on his spacecraft.

When Nikodem's capsule unexpectedly reappears in orbit in the present time of 2052, a corporation is trying to fathom why he hasn't aged, but Nikodem is only determined to win Marta back.

Here is the all-star cast of A Girl and an Astronaut...

A Girl and an Astronaut cast: who's who in the Polish sci-fi romance

Magdalena Cielecka as Marta

Marta with glitter on her face

(Image credit: Michal Klusek)

Magdalena Cielecka plays the titular role of Marta. In the current time of 2052, Marta is married to Bogdan, but old feelings reignite when she discovers that Nikodem is still alive.

Magdalena has previously starred in Venice, The Teacher, The Disappearance and Amok.

Vanessa Aleksander as young Marta

Young Marta smiling with glitter on her face and a tasselled denim jacket

(Image credit: Michal Klusek)

Vanessa Aleksander stars as young Marta back in 2022. She is in a love triangle with young pilots Nikodem and Bogdan who are also competing for a place on an elite space program with SkyCOMM.

Vanessa is known for her roles in The Hater, War Girls, Belle Epoque and Legendy Polskie Smok.

Jędrzej Hycnar as Nikodem Borowski

Nikodem in an astronaut suit carrying his helmet

(Image credit: Michal Klusek)

Jędrzej Hycnar plays Nikodem Borowski, an astronaut who returns from his space trip 30 years later after going missing. His arrival on Earth causes a stir as a corporation is determined to know why Nikodem hasn't aged. However, he's only focused on one thing — getting his true love Marta back.

His previous filmography includes Glitter, The Border, Ludzie i Bogowie and Zakochani po uszy.

Andrzej Chyra as Bogdan

Bogdan in a black coat

(Image credit: Michal Klusek)

Andrzej Chyra portrays Bogdan, whose marriage is on the rocks once he and Marta find out that Nikodem is actually alive after being gone for 30 years.

You may recognize Andrzej from his acting work in Carte Blanche, The Debt, In the Name Of, We're All Christs and Komornik.

Jakub Sasak as young Bogdan

Bogdan wearing astronaut overalls as he smiles through a crowd

(Image credit: Michal Klusek)

Jakub Sasak is young Bogdan, a fellow F-16 pilot and good friend of Nikodem. Their friendship is put to the test when the pair compete for Marta's love, as well as for a position on a space expedition with SkyCOMM.

Jakub has had roles in Into the Wind, Raven and Papiery na szczescie.

Who else stars in A Girl and an Astronaut?

Also starring in A Girl and an Astronaut are...

  • Daria Polunina as Nadia
  • Anna Cieślak as older Karolina Borowska
  • Zofia Jastrzebska as young Karolina Borowska
  • Grzegorz Damiecki as Wiktor Rosa
  • Svyatoslav Suprunov as Sergiej Pudovkin
  • Anton Solovey as young Sergiej Pudovkin
  • Magdalena Boczarska as Minister Rewicz

A Girl and an Astronaut is available to watch on Netflix now.

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