A Good Girl's Guide to Murder episode 5 recap: who is hiding in the loft?

Mathew Baynton as Elliot Ward in A Good Girl's Guide to Murder episode 5
Mathew Baynton as Elliot Ward in A Good Girl's Guide to Murder. (Image credit: BBC)

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder is a teen drama series based on the hugely successful mystery thrillers by Holly Jackson. The series follows Pip Fitz-Amobi who becomes determined to solve the murder of a local schoolgirl after growing convinced that the police had pinned the case on the wrong person. 

Here is everything that happened in episode 5... 

The fifth and penultimate episode of the series opens with a flashback to New Year's Eve five years ago. Naomi is explaining to Pip how she ended up being forced to lie to the police after someone saw her, Max and Jake caught up in a hit-and-run as Max drove them all home drunk. 

While in the present time, Naomi tells Pip that she was terrified and didn't know what to do, in the flashback we see Max taking charge after the crash, making a call to a mystery person as he surveys the other car, which is in a bad way and upside down on the other side of the road. Naomi wants to call an ambulance but Max tells her they have to leave and drives off, leaving the other driver to die. 

The hit and run made it into the paper a few days later, but there was no mention of Max and his friends, meaning whoever Max called made their connection to the crime go away. However, someone did see them, because just days after Andie's disappearance they got a note with instructions about how they needed to lie to the police about what time Sal left their party and telling them to delete any photos they might have of that night after 10.30 pm. 

In the present day, Naomi tells Pip that she has had to live with the guilt that her best friend killed himself because of what she did, and as she is confessing everything Max walks in and is fuming that she has told Pip their dark secret. He tries to keep his anger in check and says they made a pact not to tell anyone before smashing Naomi's phone. But Pip has proof, the photo on social media that Sal took of his friends... the one remaining photo that Max forgot to delete that proves Sal was at their party beyond 10.30 pm. 

Cara arrives at the reunion and finds out what has been going on. As Naomi dances alone on the dancefloor, Pip and Cara talk about the fact whoever killed Andie has been blackmailing Naomi ever since and she has had to live with it. Pip points out that she could go to jail for what she has done and Cara admits she couldn't lose another person in her life after her mum's death. Pip promises her best friend that she will try and find a way to prove Sal is innocent without exposing Naomi's part in it all. 

Naomi Ward played by YASMIN AL-KHUDHAIRI in A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

Naomi confesses why she has been lying to the police.  (Image credit: BBC)

Later that night Pip is getting a drink before bed and Barney starts barking at the back door at something outside in the dark garden. Pip tries to ignore it but gets a text saying 'nice pjs' meaning whoever is outside is watching her. She goes out into the garden and confronts the unseen person, but no one comes out of hiding so she goes back inside and makes a video telling the world that she is going to announce the results of her investigations into Andie's disappearance tomorrow. 

Her phone pings and it is Ravi, who has seen her video online and is outside to see her. He comes into the house and tells her he thinks she is playing a dangerous game, but Pip says she is using the video as a way to lure the killer out of hiding and she finally shows him the threats she has been getting on her phone and in the notes that keep appearing. 

The pair make a pact to stay up all night and keep watch and they chat about their past and hopes for the future, getting closer as the hours go by. 

The next morning is Pip's brother Josh's 10th birthday and they have a party. But during the celebrations, Pip gets a text saying 'You'll regret this, drop the case if you want to see him again'. Pip panics that the killer has got Josh, but eventually, he is found and it turns out it is her pet dog, Barney who is missing. 

The family hunts for him in the woods but with no luck. It is only when they get home they find his lifeless body on the side of the road. Her parents think he has been hit by a car, but Pip knows this wasn't an accident and is heartbroken as they bury him in the garden. 

With her grief fueling her need to solve the case, Pip looks at her evidence board and realises that Dan Da Silva must have been the person that Max called the night of the hit and run. She goes to confront him at work, but while he admits he was the one who helped Max, he didn't kill Andie. He was in a relationship with Andie years before when she was just 15 - which Pip points out is statutory rape. Max found out and used it against Dan, blackmailing him whenever he needed police help. 

Pip with her family in the garden in A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

Pip and her family are devastated when Barney is killed.  (Image credit: BBC)

Still no closer to finding out who the killer is, Pip turns her attention to her English exam at school and Cara's dad, Elliot Ward, who is also head of English at Pip's school, drives them all home after the exam so they can watch movies. 

But as Pip gets in the car with Elliot and her friends, she gets a call from 'Secret Older Guy' which is the number she put in her phone after finding it in the hotel visitor book. 

She answers, terrified about who might be on the other end of the line and is baffled when it is just Naomi ringing to say she was sorry to hear about Barney dying. Pip asks how she has this number and she says that after Max smashed her phone she found this ancient phone in her dad's drawer. The truth that Elliot must be 'secret older guy' and probably killed Andie hits Pip like a tonne of bricks. 

Pip struggles with the enormity of what she has just found out as everyone chats in the car. Elliot drops them at Cara's house but says he has tutoring to do. Cara points out he is always tutoring but they still never have any money, but he jokes he has a lot of mouths to feed. As they get out of the car, Pip puts her phone under the car seat so she can track it and see where Elliot is really going. 

As everyone else watches the film, Pip tracks her phone on her laptop and she sees Elliot is at 24 Berners Street, which is Cara's old house the family sold years ago. Pip messages Ravi on her computer and tells him the address and that she thinks Elliot is keeping Andie prisoner there and to call the police. 

Dan Da Silva (JACKSON BEWS);Pip Fitz-Amobi (EMMA MYERS) in A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

Dan Da Silva has been hiding a secret about Andie.  (Image credit: BBC)

He tells her not to go to the house, but she ignores this and drives there. Elliot comes out of the house and she confronts him, telling her best friend's dad that she knows he killed Andie. He tells her she has it all wrong and if she comes into the house he will explain... with her phone still in his car she is forced to go inside without it.

Elliot says he was tutoring Andie not long after his wife, Isabelle, died and that they started a relationship. Elliot claims that Andie ended it when she met Sal, but Pip points out that they met at the Ivy House Hotel a few nights before Andie died. Elliot admits they met and says he thought it was becasue she'd had a change of heart, but she blackmailed him and asked for money. He refused but a few nights later she came to his house and asked for £5000. Elliot tells Pip he refused to be blackmailed but Andie lashed out and fell, hitting her head on the way down. Elliot goes on to say there was blood everywhere but he went to get his phone to call an ambulance, only to come back and find she had gone.

Pip is starting to believe Elliot's version of events, but as he begs her to believe that he didn't kill Andie, there is a tapping coming from the pipes in the house and Pip realises they aren't alone. 

She races upstairs, following the noise and finds someone locked in the loft. She thinks it is Andie, but as she gets closer she realises it is someone entirely different... but who is it?

All episodes of A Good Girl's Guide to Murder are now available on BBC iPlayer in the UK and in the US the series will be released as a box set on Netflix on Thursday, August 1.

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