Casualty EXCLUSIVE — Neet Mohan on Rash Masum’s future in Holby: ‘The consequences are grave’

Neet Mohan in posed character shot as doctor Rash Masum on the set of Casualty.
Neet Mohan on doctor Rash Masum's biggest ever challenge. (Image credit: BBC)

Neet Mohan shows no signs of experiencing the seven-year itch at work when What To Watch books an appointment with him for an exclusive interview. In fact, the Casualty favourite, who has played mild-mannered medic Rash Masum since November 2017, couldn’t be more excited about navigating the uncharted territory that lies ahead for his character in the popular BBC1 hospital drama.  

“Since Rash joined the team as a wide-eyed junior doctor, he’s been on a medical and personal journey, which keeps things fresh,” smiles the 38-year-old actor. “There’s always something new to discover with Rash!”

In this week’s high-stakes episode Last Words, Rash suspects one of his patients has contracted the Ebola Virus and, under extreme pressure, he makes a fateful decision that has far-reaching consequences.

Here, Neet tells us more… 

Neet Mohan interview — contains spoilers

This story unfolds after Rash decides to work a shift at Holby’s ED on his day off. Why does he change his plans?

“Things have been dialling up slowly with his father Ashok (who was diagnosed with vascular dementia last year). At home, Ashok (played by Kriss Dosanjh) has locked himself in the bathroom and won’t come out, leaving Rash feeling like he can’t get anything right. When nurse Rida Amaan (Sarah Seggari) arrives and tells him to take some time out, Rash thinks that he’ll go into work for a little bit and then come home, but at the ED he ends up treating a patient that he suspects has Ebola.”

It’s a terrifying situation for everyone. How does Rash react?

“Everything changes for him in that moment. Rash has recently done a tropical diseases course and he knows he has to take charge because, if he doesn’t, the consequences are grave. He is quarantined with his patient, Wyatt Newbury, played by the brilliant Joe McGann, and all of his things, including his phone, are taken away for decontamination, so Rash has no contact with the outside world.” 

Joe McGann as poorly patient Wyatt.

Joe McGann as poorly patient Wyatt. (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Unknown to him Ashok goes missing while in Rida’s care. Could there be a repeat of Rash’s regrettable outburst last month when he lost his temper with her?

“Rash has a lovely closeness with Rida, but so often when people are dealing with stress they lash out at the ones they’re closest to. I think, because Rash trusts her so much, he feels hurt and angry when things aren’t going right, which is where this story goes as well! The pressure slowly cranks up and his professional judgement is somewhat compromised by his personal situation.”

Can you share any teasers as to how things develop after the events of this week’s episode?

“I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s a life-changing turning point and so devastating that it takes Rash to places I never expected him to go. 

“In upcoming episodes, you will see Rash’s cousin, doctor Tariq Hussein (played by Killing Eve star Manpreet Bachu), arriving in Holby, after living in Australia for many years. 

“I also have some brilliant scenes coming up with Melanie Hill (the ex-Coronation Street star is set to make her debut next week as clinical nurse manager Siobhan McKenzie) in relation to this story. 

Manpreet Bachu as Tariq Hussein in Casualty.

Manpreet Bachu is joining Casualty as Rash's cousin Tariq Hussein. (Image credit: BBC)

How was it working with Joe McGann on this do or die moment?

“Joe was a delight! He’s a lovely, charming and articulate person - he’s got lots of wonderful stories. And, as an actor, on every take, even when he’s not in shot, he’s always giving you something different and engaging. His character has got a daughter who he hasn’t seen in years because he’s been working abroad, and he really wants to call her and mend the relationship in what is a really heartbreaking moment. He’s utterly fantastic.” 

You’ve been playing Rash for seven years now, do meaty plots like these keep things exciting for you?

“Yes, and it's been particularly nice to play the stages of Ashok’s dementia over time with Kriss, who’s portrayed Rash’s dad on and off since 2019. He comes up with great ideas and we've discussed our personal experiences of dealing with this illness. Of all the stories I’ve done, this one has resonated the most with people and it’s a real honour to play.” 

Rash with Ashok.

Rash and Ashok have a strong and loving father-son bond. (Image credit: BBC)

You’ve worked closely over the years with actor Derek Thompson, who has played nurse Charlie Fairhead since the show began in 1986. How do you feel about his imminent departure?

“There’s no bigger, or more iconic, Casualty character than Charlie; he and Derek are the show in so many ways. The scenes I’ve played with him were the best scenes, he’s such a brilliant actor. It’s phenomenal that he’s portrayed him for 38 years. He’s left a great legacy.”

A smiling Derek Thompson as nurse Charlie Fairhead on the set of Casualty.

It will be the end of an era when Charlie Fairhead hangs up his scrubs... (Image credit: BBC Studios)

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