'Holby City' star Jaye Jacobs: 'For Donna, the damage is done!

Jaye Jacobs plays Donna Jackson in Holby City
Jaye Jacobs plays Donna Jackson in 'Holby City'. (Image credit: BBC)

The game was up for Jeni Sinclaire in last week’s Holby City as Fletch’s lover finally got her comeuppance for being the driving force in grooming young girls for a sex-trafficking ring. 

As Jeni was carted off by the boys in blue, Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) reassured daughter Evie (Phoebe French) - who Jeni had successfully manipulated - that her ordeal was now over. Fletch’s long-time friend and colleague Donna Jackson, however, didn’t think so. 

After her daughter Mia (Briana Shann) had become embroiled in the scandal and suffered an ectopic pregnancy, Donna let Fletch know - in no uncertain terms - that things were FAR from over. 

As the drama continues on Tuesday night, Mia's back at the hospital for a check-up following her pregnancy trauma, and Donna vows to do everything she can to ensure that her daughter comes to no further harm. 

Mia in Holby City

Afraid she will come to further harm, Donna mollycoddles Mia - but this only serves to push her away. (Image credit: BBC1)

As she blames Fletch and Evie for getting Mia involved in Jeni’s late-night parties, Donna forbids Mia to talk to them. And, although she’s blaming Fletch, it’s obvious that Donna thinks she’s failed Mia in some way. So she goes full-on over-protective - but that only serves to drive Mia away…

"This has really brought out the lion mother in Donna; it makes her primal in her desire to protect," says Jaye Jacobs, who plays her. "Mia needs to be listened to but Donna's so consumed by her own grief and guilt as a parent that she goes off on a bit of a rampage. She gets it so wrong."

Alex Walkinshaw plays Fletch in Holby City

Furious Donna doesn't want Fletch - or Evie - anywhere near Mia. (Image credit: BBC)

While all this is going on, Lucky has been brought out of her coma, but there’s clearly something wrong and she needs careful monitoring. However, because she’s preoccupied with Mia, Donna neglects Lucky’s care and her condition deteriorates. 

Fortunately, a complete disaster IS averted and, later, Donna and Mia find a way to reunite. As Fletch comes to talk to her in an attempt to deliver an olive branch, can she be similarly agreeable with him? Or is their long-standing friendship beyond repair?

"Donna cannot see past it," reveals Jaye. "She believes Fletch shouldn’t have allowed someone as manipulative as Jeni into their lives and now sees her friend as a danger to her child. For Donna, the damage is done."

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 7.50pm on BBC1.

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