'Holby City' star Ramin Karimloo: 'I don't believe Kian's overdose was an accident!'

Ramin Karimloo plays Kian Madani in Holby City
Ramin Karimloo talks all about Kian’s demise and reveals what he’s up to next. (Image credit: BBC)

Having been found by Fletch after taking a drug overdose, Kian Madani’s life hung in the balance in tonight’s Holby City. Despite every effort to save him, the likable yet troubled surgeon tragically died. 

In an exclusive interview, Ramin Karimloo talks all about Kian’s demise and reveals what he’s up to next… 

We’re in shock! We can’t believe Kian actually died following his drug overdose.

"I think any overdose especially of this magnitude can prove fatal. Kian seemed to be wanting to rid himself of what he’s not been dealing with. I don’t believe this was necessarily something he hasn’t contemplated nor was fully an accident. Sadly."  

Ramin Karimloo plays Kian Madani in Holby City

Ramin reckons troubled Kian was looking for a way to end his pain. (Image credit: BBC)

Kian always had the best of intentions. Why did things tend to go so wrong for him?

"I guess it comes down to being accountable for yourself first and foremost. You can only bury things that need to be dealt with for so long. I think Kian was absolutely a great person but he was flawed. Who isn't?" 

Are you pleased with your ‘exit’ storyline? Did you always know this is how it was going to play out?

"I'm truly thrilled with how it played out. I’m also truly fulfilled. I didn’t want to drive away for a ‘break’ or leave the door open. Not because I didn’t have a good time, I absolutely had a blast. I planned on staying just for one season but it was too much fun, so I stayed for two. But there was just nothing else left to say with Kian. Look at the incredible storylines I was able to play out or be part of. I didn’t want to repeat. Of course, it was sad to say goodbye - but I’m glad I was sad to say goodbye. It’s a great way to leave."  

What was it like filming your final episode?

"I personally didn’t like playing the patient as I like to be up and about. However, I’m grateful to the producers and writers for how they wrote this final episode. Having many of the cast involved was great. Jo Martin and Alex Walkinshaw are two incredible actors that I’ve been so grateful to watch and work with. I also had a blast sharing more scenes with Amy Lennox over this storyline. We've laughed a lot. And, of course, Vineeta Rishi, who plays Lucky, was wonderful to work with, too. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Lucky and Kian. We had some really fun moments in this storyline amongst the dark undertone of it all." 

Alex Walkinshaw plays Fletch in Holby City

Firm friends: Ramin loved working alongside Alex Walkinshaw (Fletch) on Holby. (Image credit: BBC)

What did the storyline say about drug addiction?

"I am not an expert to speak about drug addiction but what I feel I can offer is that for any addiction, any internal drama that someone is holding on to, I would encourage folks to seek help and to talk. But also know that not everyone can help. Whether it’s from them not being willing or just not equipped to take that role on. But keep seeking and keep reaching out. Don’t go at it alone."  

Ramin Karimloo plays Kian Madani in Holby City

Dark days: Ramin hopes those in the grip of addiction will seek help. (Image credit: BBC)

What did you enjoy most about working at Holby and playing Kian?

"I’ll be forever grateful to the Holby producers who created the role of Kian for me. Holby was and is an incredible place to call ‘work’. It was unfortunate that the last six months we had to work with COVID protocols, which affected the flow a bit, but that was unavoidable. The make-up and costume departments were an absolute joy to be around. They truly set up the day for me. I’m thankful to the producers and the writers who were amazing to work around my diverse schedule with my stage work. And to the cast who helped create fond memories."

What’s next for you? More theatre perhaps?

"Next is a run of Jesus Christ Superstar in Japan. Right now I am due in New York for a new stage production/film and possibly another Broadway show that is hoping to open and run early 2022. With how the last 16 months have gone, I’m ready."

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8.20pm on BBC1.

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