'Holby City' star Ramin Karimloo: 'Kian’s not dealing with his problems!'

Holby City Kian Madani
Holby City sees Kian Madani in trouble next week. (Image credit: BBC1)

There’s high drama on the wards of Holby City this week when two stab victims are rushed to the hospital - and surgeon Kian Madani is stunned when their identity is revealed! 

Already struggling with an addiction to opioids, Kian headed down a dark path recently when he discovered during an operation that a young Eastern European boy, Andrei Tarpov (Sonny Poon Tip), was being used as a drug mule - and Kian pocketed the drugs himself!

Wanting to protect Andrei from the drug gang who are after him — and his own secret, of course! — Kian has since devoted himself to looking after Andrei, all while trying to kick his own drug habit. 

This week, Kian’s devastated when Andrei and Evie - the daughter of Kian’s colleague Fletch - are brought to Holby after being stabbed by the drug gang. 

Holby City Kian Andrei Chloe

Kian's shocked when Andrei and Evie turn up at the hospital... and they've been stabbed! (Image credit: BBC1)

As Kian struggles to cope with the day’s events, will he relapse? Here, actor and West End star Ramin Karimloo, 42, reveals more… 

How would you say Kian has been coping as a 'recovering' addict in Holby City?

"Kian hasn’t been coping at all. I don’t think Kian’s ever dealt with the loss of his wife and, subsequently, the death of his ex-girlfriend Bea. Those two strong, independent women were big parts of Kian’s life. It was devastating for him. Without truly dealing with the scars of the past and the access he had to self-medicate, it really has been a prescription for a slow decline." 

Can you describe the relationship between Kian and drug mule Andrei? Why does Kian feel responsible for him?

"I think Kian has a good heart. He’s a good person who'd help anyone. I think, in Andrei, Kian saw someone who needed help. Andrei was in a situation where Kian knew Andrei couldn’t go it alone. Knowing the ramifications of what Kian found out about Andrei’s connection to the gang, Kian felt he was Andrei’s only hope. Also, not wanting to lose someone else he’d bonded with, Andrei has become like a false redemption for Kian in a way. This is another way of Kian not dealing with his own problems yet thinking he is. "

Holby City Kian Andrei

Kian has been very protective over Andrei since he arrived at Holby. (Image credit: BBC1)

This week, Andrei and Evie are rushed to Holby having been stabbed. Is it serious?

"Absolutely! Evie and Andrei are in real danger. The kind of folks Andrei is mixed up with run by their own rules and codes."

Fletch and Kian are at loggerheads over Evie and Andrei’s treatment. Why doesn’t Fletch want Kian operating on his daughter?

"Fletch has lost faith and trust in Kian. With Kian not being able to open up fully to his past and take accountability - again - for his addiction, it’s not surprising that Fletch’s fatherly instincts and his instinct as a professional have set off alarm bells. Fletch also doesn’t understand Kian’s connection to Andrei. Without knowing the whole truth, how could he?"

Holby City Fletch Kian

An angry Fletch does NOT want Kian operating on his daughter Evie! (Image credit: BBC1)

Mental health nurse Lucky has been helping Kian manage his addiction but they fell out recently after Lucky betrayed him by contacting social services about Andrei...

"The friendship between Kian and Lucky, even with all the right intentions, has been another bad prescription. They’ve just got in over their heads with what they’re trying to ‘fix’. Also, the affection they have for one another has not been interpreted for each other in the same way."

Struggling with the day’s events, Kian fears he might use drugs again and Lucky’s ignoring his calls. Is Kian at real risk of a relapse?

"Sadly, I feel Kian is ultimately getting more and more susceptible to going back to his habit that he feels can help him cope. These triggers come along more and more and his internal negotiation to justify his habit becomes an easy decision." 

Holby City Kian Madani

Will Kian feel the need to use drugs again? (Image credit: BBC1)

What do you most enjoy about playing Kian? 

"Kian’s a great person. He’s just flawed - but then who isn’t? He has the best of intentions but I guess it comes down to being accountable for yourself first and foremost. You can only bury things that need to be dealt with for so long."

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8.20pm on BBC1.

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