Infiesto cast: meet the stars of the Spanish Netflix thriller

Isak Ferriz and Iria del Rio in Infiesto
Isak Férriz and Iria del Río lead the Infiesto cast as our two detectives. (Image credit: Netflix)

Infiesto is a dark Spanish-language thriller from director Patxi Amexcua that casts us back in time for a twisted, serial killer drama that takes place at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic that's now available to stream on Netflix.

In March 2020, two detectives receive a call to head to a small Asturian mining town after a young woman reappears after being missing for some time. Set against the backdrop of the global pandemic, our two detectives soon discover that there are more terrible forces at work than just the virus in the area...

There are a number of stars among the Infiesto cast whom you might recognize. Here's a breakdown of the major players who appear in the Spanish detective thriller.

Meet the Infiesto cast: Isak Férriz as Samuel Garcia

Isak Férriz leads the cast as Samuel Garcia, one of the detectives who's tackling the case at the heart of the film. At the same time, he's grappling with being separated from his family and mother due to the pandemic. 

Where else have you seen Isak Férriz? Isak Férriz has had roles in Feria: The Darkest Light, Giants, Libertad, Cites, Black Sails, Bandolera, and The Distances.

Iria del Río as Marta Castro

Iria del Río plays Marta Castro, Samuel Garcia's partner for the investigation. Like Samuel, Inspector Castro is also split off from someone close to her: her partner, Carlos, is quarantined in a room in their house.

Where else have you seen Iria del Río? Iria is likely best known for her role in Elite, though she's also featured in Santo, Fuerza de paz, Dancing on Glass, Riot Police, Serve and Protect, Cable Girls and The Hockey Girls. 

Samuel and Marta on the ground in Infiesto

Samuel and Marta. (Image credit: Netflix)

Antonio Buíl as Ramos 

Antonio Buíl plays Ramos, a member of the local police force who found Saioa.

Where else have you seen Antonio Buíl? Antonio Buíl has appeared in Operation Libertad, Defiant Souls, God's Crooked Lines, HIT, Sacha and The Inner Cage. 

Juan Fernández as Comisario Basterra

Juan Fernández plays Comisario Basterra, whom Marta and Samuel work under. With the lockdown, he tells them they have to handle this case without additional resources.

Where else have you seen Juan Fernández? Juan is likely known to many as Money Heist's Colonel Prieto, though he's also appeared in Feria: The Darkest Light, The Legend of El Cid, Montecristo, Love, Inevitably, Tierra de lobos and Crisis. 

Juan Fernandez getting out of a car in Infiesto

Basterra certainly has his hands full with the case and the pandemic to handle. (Image credit: Netflix)

Andrea Barrado as Saioa Blanco

Andrea Barrado plays Saioa Blanco, the kidnapped young girl who reappears at the start of the film.

Infiestos is Andrea Barrado's first major credit.

María Mera as Lidia Vega

María Mera plays Lidia Vega, a woman wearing a hoodie who reveals some crucial info during the case.

What else has María Mera been in? María has also featured in 3 caminos, Bitter Daisies, Julieta, Retribution, O Faro, cruce de camiños and Matalobos.

Who else is part of the Infiesto cast?

Here's the rest of the main stars that make up the Infiestos cast:

  • Ana Villa as Julia
  • Isabel Naveira as Paz Nogueira
  • José Manuel Poga as El Demonio
  • Ismael Fritschi as Mataperros
  • Luis Zahera as Santiago Marquina
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