Is Lassiters a real hotel? Everything you need to know about the 'Neighbours' filming location

Is Lassiters a real hotel in Neighbours? Neighbours cast group shot
Is Lassiters a real hotel in Neighbours? It's the question lots of fans ask. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Is Lassiters a real hotel? It's the question many Neighbours fans have been asking over the years, so we have put together a guide on the famous Erinsborough landmark. 

Here's everything you need to know about Lassiters Hotel... 

Is Lassiters a real hotel? 

No. Sadly Lassiters Hotel is an entirely fictional hotel which takes centre stage in Paul Robinson's Lassiters complex, located near the fictional but very famous cul-de-sac, Ramsay Street. 

Neighbours is set in a fictional suburb of Melbourne called Erinsborough, with the soap focusing on the drama that takes place on Ramsay Street — known in real life as Pin Oak Street in Vermont South. The families that live on Pin Oak Street allow the Neighbours cast and crew to film on their lawns and in their drives. This usually takes place just one day a week to limit the disruption for residents. 

Lassiters Hotel has provided the backdrop for many huge storylines over the years and characters often stay at the hotel as well as working and socialising there. 

In 2010 the hotel was one of the sets which underwent a makeover for the soap's 25th anniversary. Not only was a new orange and black logo designed, but there was also a new mezzanine level introduced, too. In 2013 the top floor of Lassiters was turned into a penthouse apartment where Paul Robinson lived for some years. 

In 2016 Neighbours aired a special week entitled 'Death Trap Week' which saw Lassiters take centre stage as a huge explosion tore through the hotel, casing the deaths of both Josh Willis and his grandfather Doug. 

Is Lassiters a real hotel? Neighbours Lassiters Hotel opening credits

Paul Robinson and Terese Willis are in charge of Lassiters Hotel. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Who owns Lassiters in Neighbours? 

The hotel was originally owned by wealthy business man Jack Lassiter when it was built in 1985. The ten storey tower block of hotel rooms was built behind the Lassiters Complex, which now consists of The Waterhole pub, Erinsborough Police Station and Harold's Cafe and the Rebecchi Law offices. 

These days the hotel and complex are owned by Paul Robinson. His wife Terese Willis also has a share in the business and is also the hotel's manager. 

Paul's sister, Lucy Robinson, is the head of Lasstiers Worldwide, and has often been seen returning to Erinsborough to sort out various dramas over the years. The worldwide chain of hotels includes locations like Darwin, London, Montana and New York.

Where is the Lassiters complex filmed? 

Interior shots of all the houses, bars and restaurants are filmed in a studio called Global Television Studios in Forest Hill, Nunawading. There is also a purpose-built set at the studios which features all of the external buildings including Lassiters and Harold's Cafe. Lassiters lake is actually a real lake, built at the studios especially for filming. 

Is Lassiters a real hotel? Lassiters Hotel with the Robinson family

Lassiters Hotel has been the centre of many a Ramsay Street drama.  (Image credit: Channel 5)

Can you visit the Neighbours set? 

Yes! There are tours offered to fans that show you all the famous Neighbours landmarks. Visit to find out how you can go behind the scenes on a Neighbours tour of iconic Ramsay Street, including the studio backlot and exterior sets such as the Lassiters Complex, Fitzgerald Motors, The Waterhole, Harold's Cafe and The Tram. 

Neighbours airs weekdays in the UK at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5

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