Is there a Snowflake Mountain season 2 on Netflix?

Snowflake Mountain contestants
Is there a season 2 of Snowflake Mountain? (Image credit: Pete Dadds)

Netflix watchers have been obsessed with the hilarious reality series Snowflake Mountain lately.

The series reached Netflix’s Top 10 list in both the US and UK, making it one of the most-watched shows on the site.

The premise of the series sees 10 privileged "kidults" put to the test at a wilderness and survival retreat where they must go without their usual luxuries.

With no Wi-Fi, running water, or modern comforts in sight, they are put through their paces under the watchful eyes of ex-military leaders Joel Graves and Matt Tate, who will help them reach their full potential by assigning them challenging survival tasks to get basic luxuries.

Now, after the ‘well deserved’ winner was crowned at the end of the series, fans are now all asking the same question — will there be more?

Snowflake Mountain Deandra and Rae

The young contestants were put through their paces in a number of wild challenges. (Image credit: Pete Dadds)

Is there a Snowflake Mountain season 2 on Netflix?

At the moment, season 2 of Snowflake Mountain hasn’t been confirmed and there has been no news on whether it will be renewed or not.

However, the fact that it made Netflix’s Top 10 list could urge them to renew it due to its high viewership and reaction to the series, which is something they usually look at before making the decision to renew a show.

Talking to the Express, British Snowflake Mountain contestant Rae Hume is keen for a second series, suggesting the idea that the original group could do the same experience again but in different places.

Rae in Snowflake Mountain

Rae Hume is keen for another series of Snowflake Mountain. (Image credit: Pete Dadds)

She said: “I feel like if it’s a new cast, that will be amazing. It would be great for people to have the opportunity, but a lot of us have said it would be quite funny to see us in different locations. The same group goes to say the Sahara Desert or go to Antarctica and live in an igloo.

“I feel people would [like that] and we had such a good group dynamic. The good and the bad. We showed what families are like. We have your high moments and your low moments.”

She also revealed that the "snowflakes" were planning to meet up again and have a reunion.

“But more importantly, we connected on such a sick level that even if there’s not a season two, we’re definitely all meeting up potentially next month to do a reunion somewhere in New York.”

Former military man Matt Tate was also eager for a reboot series while talking to and was keen to put his survival skills to good use once again for another batch of youngsters.

Matt Tate and Joel Graves

Former military leaders Matt Tate and Joel Graves assigned survival tasks to the group and kept them in order. (Image credit: Pete Dadds)

“It was a very rewarding experience for us on a personal leave, interacting with those young people and to get to do that again would be amazing.

“It would be an awesome blessing, so absolutely. We’re a hundred percent on board if the opportunity is present then we’d love to do that,” he revealed.

Where will Snowflake Mountain season 2 be filmed?

The first series was filmed in the Lake District, UK which is home to many mountains and lakes. So, we can imagine that the second season (if there will be one) would return to the same location.

However, if they take on Rae's suggestion, we could be jetting off a bit further to the Sahara or even Antarctica!

Snowflake Mountain is available to stream on Netflix now.

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