Snowflake Mountain fans elated for 'well deserved' winner

Snowflake Mountain contestants
Snowflake Mountain fans were overjoyed for the winner! (Image credit: Pete Dadds)

Snowflake Mountain viewers were thrilled after the winner was crowned in the final episode.

After weeks of camping in the Lake District and being pushed to their limits by ex-military leaders Joel Graves and Matt Tate, fans were delighted to see beauty enthusiast Deandra Joseph crowned as the winner.

The Netflix reality show Snowflake Mountain put 10 "kidults" to the test at a wilderness and survival retreat where they had to go without their usual luxuries.

With no Wi-Fi, running water, or modern comforts in sight, they were put through their paces under the watchful eyes of ex-military leaders Joel and Matt, who helped guide them to success.

Deandra was crowned the ultimate Wilderness Warrior and went home with the $50,000 cash prize after going up against Sunny and Liam in the final.

It was on the remaining contestants’ decisions on who they thought should win the prize and after seeing Deandra grow so much throughout the challenges, she received the most votes.


Deandra went home with the $50,000 cash prize. (Image credit: Pete Dadds)

Before the winner was announced, Deandra said: “For me to have the opportunity to have such a large sum of money, everything would just change for me.”

At the end of the series, we were given a glimpse into what the "snowflakes" had been up to since leaving the show.

Since winning, Deandra has used the price money to fulfill her dream and start her own beauty business.

Snowflake Mountain Deandra and Rae

Deandra transformed her life throughout the challenge. (Image credit: Pete Dadds)

“Matt and Joel, you guys just taught me so much. Even simple things like pushing through and believing in myself. It’s just crazy how one simple journey could change your life forever. These are things that I’ll take with me for the rest of my life,” she said.

Fans were over the moon that Deandra had won the show, saying she was a ‘well deserved’ winner…

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All eight episodes of Snowflake Mountain are available to watch on Netflix now. 

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