Meet the cast of Money Heist Korea: our who’s who guide to the crime drama series

Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area
In Money Heist Korea, our group of criminals are hiding behind a traditional Korean mask. (Image credit: Netflix)

Money Heist Korea is based on the hit Spanish crime drama series Money Heist. But who's in the cast, and where might you have seen them before?

The new series follows the same format as the original Money Heist, where we'll see a group of robbers led by the Professor who will try to pull off an elaborate heist without getting caught.

In our who's who guide to the upcoming Netflix series, we'll tell you everything you need to know about the cast and characters, so read on to find out who's who in Money Heist Korea...

Yoo Ji-Tae as The Professor

Yoo Ji-Tae

Yoo Ji-Tae plays The Professor in Money Heist Korea. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Yoo Ji-Tae plays the leader of the heist, whose codename is The Professor. He is "a strategist criminal mastermind," and plans to pull off a heist in the Korean Peninsula inspired by those in Spain. 

He's perhaps most well known for his role in Park Chan-wook's Oldboy and has also starred in The Good Wife, When My Love Blooms and Lady Vengeance

Park Hae-soo as Berlin 

Park Hae-soo

Park Hae-soo plays Berlin in Money Heist Korea(Image credit: Getty Images)

Park Hae-soo is heist member Berlin, and you'll most likely remember him from hit Netflix series Squid Game, where he played the role of Cho Sang-woo. He has also starred in The Pirates, Yaksha: Ruthless Operations and The Legend of the Blue Sea. 

A spin-off series about the original Berlin character (played by Pedro Alonso) is currently in the works and is set to land on Netflix in 2023.

 Jun Jong-Seo as Tokyo

Jun Jong-Seo

 Jun Jong-Seo plays Tokyo in Money Heist Korea(Image credit: Getty Images)

Jun Jong-Seo is Tokyo in Money Heist Korea and is best known for her role as Hae-mi in the acclaimed South Korean thriller Burning, where she starred alongside Steven Yeun.

She has also starred in The Call, where she won Best Actress at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards, and American fantasy film Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon.

Lee Won-Jong as Moscow

Lee Won-Jong

Lee Won-Jong plays Moscow in Money Heist Korea. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Lee Won-Jong is well known in the Korean entertainment industry and plays Moscow in Netflix's Money Heist Korea. He has won multiple Seoul Broadcasting System and Korean Broadcasting System awards throughout his career.

He has starred in programs and films such as Emperor of the Sea, Delayed Justice and The Accidental Gangster and the Mistaken Courtesan.

 Jang Yoon-Ju as Nairobi

Jang Yoon-Ju

 Jang Yoon-Ju plays Nairobi in Money Heist Korea(Image credit: Getty Images)

 Jang Yoon-Ju takes on the role of Nairobi in Money Heist Korea, and as well as being an actress she is also a successful fashion model with a career spanning almost two decades.

She was a host and judge on Korea's Next Top Model, was the subject of her own program called Springtime with Yoon-ju and played the role of Miss Bong in the 2015 film Veteran.

Lee Jang-Woo as Rio

Lee Jang-Woo

Lee Jang-Woo plays Rio in Money Heist Korea(Image credit: Getty Images)

Lee Jang-Woo is a South Korean actor and singer, playing the role of Rio in Money Heist Korea. He is best known for roles in the television series Glory JaneI Do I Do, My Only One and Homemade Love Story.

Fans might also recognize him for music videos such as JeA and G.O's Because You Sting and Zia's The Way I Am, as well as the film Villain and Widow where he played Constable Oh.

Kim Ji-hoon as Helsinki

Kim Ji-hoon

Kim Ji-hoon plays Helsinki in Money Heist Korea(Image credit: Getty Images)

Kim Ji-hoon's best known for his romantic comedies, but he's switching things up to play Helsinki in Money Heist Korea. He's had roles in The Golden Age of Daughters-in-LawLove Marriage and Stars Falling from the Sky.

Ji-hoon is also big on the music scene, having appeared in music videos such as Shinhwa's Wedding and Eunhyul's Because I Want To Hold On.

Lee Kyu-Ho as Oslo

Lee Kyu-Ho

Lee Kyu-Ho plays Oslo in Money Heist Korea. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Completing the heist line-up, Lee Kyu-Ho plays Oslo and has previously starred in various Korean TV shows and films such as The Outlaws, The Good Detective and Tazza: One Eyed Jack

He has 16 acting credits in total, with Money Heist Korea being his most recent one where he's part of the heist conducted by The Professor.

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