‘Money Heist: Part 5’: Release date, trailer and everything else we know about the Netflix crime drama

The Professor and the gang from Money Heist
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Netflix is getting ready to roll out the final episodes of Money Heist, the Spanish-produced crime drama that has garnered an international audience on the streaming service.

While American-made shows like Stranger Things, House of Cards and Ozark are some of Netflix’s most popular and well-reviewed shows, the streaming service has a long history with series from different places around the world. The first original series to launch on Netflix was actually Lilyhammer in 2012 from Norway. Money Heist has continued and helped grow that tradition.

With that being said, ahead of the anticipated release of the series final season, here is everything we know about Money Heist: Part 5.

What is the ‘Money Heist’ plot?

The Professor, a criminal mastermind, brings together a group of criminals with the goal of committing the biggest robbery in Spanish history — stealing 2.4 billion euros from the Royal Mint of Spain. To pull this off, the thieves lock themselves in the Royal Mint with hostages while the Professor attempts to manipulate the police. Of course, things go wrong.

Money Heist: Part 5 takes place as the situation has gone from bad to worse. The Professor has been taken hostage and the team at the Royal Mint will soon have to contend with the military as they try to escape.

When is the ‘Money Heist: Part 5’ release date?

Money Heist: Part 5 is going to be an epic conclusion to the series, and it’s a sure bet that fans are going to be on pins and needles to find out all that happens, especially considering the season is being split into two volumes.

Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 1 hit the streaming service on Sept. 3, with five episodes immediately available for Netflix subscribers to watch. Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 2 will contain the remaining five episodes of the final season and will be released three months later on Dec. 3.

Netflix followed this same strategy with another one of its recent hits, Lupin. It seems to be their way of keeping fans engaged with shows for longer than the binge sessions they often had in the past. 

Other streamers have taken different approaches to curb binging and increase engagement, most notably with weekly episode releases for Hulu, Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus shows.

Who is in the ‘Money Heist’ cast?

The main cast of Money Heist has been made up of (their character’s code names in parentheses) Úrsula Coberó (Tokyo), Álvaro Morte (The Professor), Itziar Ituño (Lisbon), Pedro Alonso (Berlin), Miguel Herrán (Rio), Jaime Lorente (Denver), Esther Acebo (Stockholm), Enrique Arce (Arturo), Darko Peric (Helsinki), Hovik Keuchkerian (Bogotá), Luka Peros (Marseille), Belén Cuesta (Manila), Fernando Cayo (Coronel Tamayo), Rodrigo de la Serna (Palermo), Najwa Nimri (Inspector Sierra), y José Manuel Poga (Gandía), and others.

Some new additions to Money Heist for Part 5 are Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Patrick Criado.

The series was created by Alex Pina.

Is there a ‘Money Heist: Part 5’ trailer?

Netflix previously released a teaser trailer for the final episodes of Money Heist season 5, but now they have shared an official trailer that gives an even better look at what lies in store. Watch it below

The teaser trailer is also below if you want to check out that.

What language is ‘Money Heist’ in?

As mentioned above, Money Heist is a Spanish-produced TV series that Netflix offers to additional regions. Therefore, its original language is Spanish. Of course, if you don’t speak Spanish, subtitles are available in English, French, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and European Spanish.

If subtitles aren’t your thing, the episodes are also dubbed in English, Germany, French and Italian. Just be prepared for the dubbing and the actors’ mouths being constantly off.

For any viewers who require audio descriptions to watch content, Netflix has audio description in both English and European Spanish.

How to watch ‘Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 2’

Ever since Netflix acquired the rights to Money Heist in 2017 after its debut on Spain’s Antena 3 network, the streaming giant has been the only place to watch all the action unfold. That will again be the case for Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 1 and Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 2.

If you are not one of Netflix’s more than 200 million subscribers across the globe, you will need to sign up for the streaming service to start watching Money Heist. The base subscription is available at $13.99 per month, but add-ons can be applied for more features, like 4K capability at an increased monthly price.

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