Presumed Innocent episode 2 recap: did Rusty do it?

Jake Gyllenhaal and Renate Reinsve in Presumed Innocent
Jake Gyllenhaal and Renate Reinsve in Presumed Innocent (Image credit: Apple TV)

Presumed Innocent episode 2, "People vs Rozat Sabich," opens immediately where episode 1 left off. Rusty (Jake Gyllenhaal) says he doesn't know who might be the father to Carolyn's (Renate Reinsve) baby. Tommy (Peter Sarsgaard) asks Rusty to take a paternity test. Rusty wants to know if he's a suspect? When Tommy drops his professional demeanor and flat out asks, "How long have you been f***ing, Carolyn," Rusty storms out. 

Raymond (Bill Camp) angrily confronts Rusty for withholding the fact he had an intimate relationship with Carolyn, telling him he just lost his career because of it. Rusty storms out of the building, but not before Tommy reminds him it'd be good for him if he took the paternity test.

What else happens in Presumed Innocent episode 2? Read on to find out.

Home truth

Rusty tells Barbara (Ruth Negga) Carolyn was pregnant and they think it was his, so now he's a suspect in her murder. She's confused, as Rusty previously told her the affair ended a year ago. He admits it started back up again… briefly.

Over dinner, Barbara forces Rusty to tell Jaden (Chase Infiniti) and Kyle (Kingston Rumi Southwick) about the affair and that he's a suspect in Carolyn's murder. He apologizes to them, but they both leave the table upset. Barbara tells Rusty she "won't be alone with [the affair] this time." Barbara goes to talk to the children. She's not sure if she's going to leave Rusty yet. As Rusty listens to their conversation, he recalls Carolyn ending their relationship because she didn't want anyone to get hurt. 

Was Reynolds involved?

Rusty goes over the investigation of Liam Reynolds' (Mark Harelik) murder of Bunny Davis, hoping to find a connection to Carolyn's death. He spots something in the autopsy report and confronts the coroner Herbert Kumagai (James Hiroyuki Liao). There was a second sperm sample at the scene of Bunny's death. Herbert says Carolyn had all this information, but hid it from Rusty, maybe because it was contaminated. Herbert makes a wise-crack, but Rusty is furious, grabbing him and shouting, "We concealed evidence!"

After calling her several times, Detective Alana Rodriguez (Nana Mensah) finally picks up Rusty's call. He needs to ask Reynolds about the second sperm sample. Rather than meeting him as an attorney, Rusty has to do so in regular visiting conditions. Reynolds quickly figures out Rusty's a suspect in Carolyn's murder. Rusty says if he can help find Carolyn's killer, it might shave time of Reynolds' life sentence without parole. Reynolds laughs at Rusty for being so desperate. 

Outside the prison, Rodriguez once again tells Rusty there are differences in how Carolyn and Bunny died. Rusty wants to get to the truth, or at the very least find some reasonable doubt. Rodriguez is upset Rusty didn't tell her about the affair. Rusty again insists he didn't kill Carolyn and says he needs Rodriguez, as the police aren't going to be looking for who did this now that he's the main suspect. She warns him not to lie to her anymore. 

A warranted search

Kingston Rumi Southwick, Chase Infiniti and Ruth Negga in Presumed Innocent

Kingston Rumi Southwick, Chase Infiniti and Ruth Negga in Presumed Innocent (Image credit: Apple TV)

The police ransack the Sabich house looking for evidence. Rusty also gives a DNA sample. 

In a joint therapy session, Dr. Liz Rush (Lily Rabe) rebukes Rusty for lying to her about the end of the affair. Barbara feels trapped because they have kids. Rusty wants to salvage the marriage, not just for the kids. 

Rusty admits he was basically stalking Carolyn, as the break-up wasn't good, telling Raymond he sent her a lot of emails, texts and calls in the week leading up to her death. When coupled with his prints at the scene, the fact they don't have anyone else and that Tommy won't go looking for another suspect, Rusty is going to be arrested. Rusty wants Raymond to be his attorney. He's the best lawyer Rusty knows and can also get into Nico and Tommy's heads. Rusty asks Raymond, "Do you really think I killed her?" and that "you know me." Raymond responds, "I thought I did."

Ulterior motives

Tommy tells Nico (O-T Fagbenle) about Rusty attacking Herbert, embellishing the story to make it sound more vicious. Nico wants Tommy to calm down and follow the facts and evidence, as he's growing worried he's just out to get Rusty. 

Rusty confronts Tommy and Nico at the office. After being told he's on administrative leave, Nico tells Rusty he willfully misdirected and impeded the investigation.

In a press conference, Nico says an arrest will be forthcoming, then attacks Raymond's tenure as District Attorney, saying crimes against women will no longer be ignored. Watching at home, Raymond and his wife Lorraine (Elizabeth Marvel) grow furious. 

Later, Raymond tells Lorraine Rusty didn't kill Carolyn. He's leaning towards defending him, especially as Nico continues to dance on his political grave, but also because he wants meaning in his life. 

Rusty's arrest

Rodriguez confirms Rusty was the father of Carolyn's unborn baby. At the same time, police officers arrive at the house to arrest Rusty. Press coverage immediately intensifies. 

In the courtroom, Rusty walks out to see Raymond acting as his lawyer and Barbara, Jaden and Kyle in attendance. Rusty pleads not guilty. When Nico asks for the pretrial conference to be set at the judge's convenience, Raymond insists the charge against Rusty is entirely false and his reputation has been destroyed so the court must find an immediate trial date. Judge Lyttle (Noma Dumezweni) agrees. She then warns Nico and Tommy about using the trial for any grandstanding political speeches. Rusty's bail is processed. 

At home, Jaden asks Rusty if they had a good draw with Judge Lyttle? Rusty says she's an ex-defense lawyer and is fair. He adds it's good the trial is happening fast, because time favors the prosecution. He thanks them all for being there today. Then Rusty gets a text from an unknown number saying, "YOU WERE THERE. I SAW YOU," which instantly causes him distress. 

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