'Severance' star Adam Scott: ‘It's unlike anything else that's out there’

Adam Scott in Severance.
Adam Scott gets to work as Mark in 'Severance'. (Image credit: Apple TV+)

Severance explores a dark new take on achieving the perfect work-life balance. The nine-part thriller, airing on Apple TV+ from February 18, is directed by Hollywood star Ben Stiller and centers on Lumon Industries, which has a policy whereby employees can undergo a surgical procedure to ‘sever’ their work memories from their home ones so that the two don’t impact on each other. 

Parks & Recreations’ Adam Scott heads the cast as Lumon worker Mark, who has been ‘severed’ so that he can forget his personal grief while in the office. The drama, which also stars Christopher Walken and Patricia Arquette, sees Mark becoming unsettled, however, when freshly severed new employee Helly (Man Seeking Woman’s Britt Lower) challenges the status quo. Meanwhile, on the outside, Mark is troubled by revelations about a former colleague. Can he work out what is really going on at Lumon?

We caught up with Adam Scott and Ben Stiller to find out more about Severance

'Severance' has such an intriguing premise. What is your take on Mark and what he experiences?

Adam Scott: “It was important to us that it felt like one guy, not two characters, it's different sides of the same person. They are in very different circumstances and their minds are quite different. But neither at the beginning wants to change. They're both settled. But the apple cart being tossed over is uncomfortable for both sides of Mark and they set off on journeys. On its surface, it's a workplace comedy when you enter the story, but there's something else lurking underneath, and cracking open the mystery is a lot of fun!"

Adam Scott in Severance

Mark (Adam Scott) is given pause for thought in 'Severance'. (Image credit: Apple TV +)

And what drew you to 'Severance' Ben?

Ben Stiller: “As a director, I was drawn to it because I thought it was a fascinating script. This story had drama and weird humour coming out of the humanity of the characters in this strangely inhuman environment."

Ben Stiller

Hollywood star Ben Stiller directs 'Severance'. (Image credit: Getty)

Do you think people will relate to the idea of trying to separate their work and home lives?

Ben Stiller: “Yes, hopefully, it's an experience that’s universal and that people can identify with this idea of wanting to cut off when they go to work. Wouldn't it be great if you could just flip a switch and not have to feel pain or boredom?” 

Adam Scott: “Separating your life and work and taking all the thoughtful moments out can be dangerous though… but it's something we're all feeling right now. This show takes that feeling to another level with a solution.” 

Zach Cherry Britt Lower and John Turturro in Severance.

Mark's colleagues Dylan (Zach Cherry), Helly (Britt Lower) and Irving (John Turturro) in 'Severance'. (Image credit: Apple TV +)

Did you do any research into whether ‘severance’ technology could really be possible?

Ben Stiller: “It didn't seem outlandish to me, it seemed an interesting, semi-science fiction premise. I just saw that [billionaire businessman] Elon Musk is actually promoting a new company [involving brain chips]. So it's not that crazy. And we consulted with a neurosurgeon and doctors to talk about what this reality would be, so it could happen.” 

You worked together on 2013’s 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty', what was it like teaming up again?

Ben Stiller: “I never thought about acting in it because Adam came into my mind. He’s dream casting because he’s perfected the comedic sense but there’s a deeper level going on that I knew he could also bring. He was the guy!”

Adam Scott: “And Ben's vision and the visuals of the show are unbelievable. He really went to a whole new level for television, just being on the sets was incredible with the overall tone and look. It's unlike anything else that's out there!”

When can I watch 'Severance'?

The first two episodes of Severance will air on Friday, Feb. 8 on Apple TV+ and new episodes will then air weekly.

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