Sweet Tooth season 3 episode 1 recap: Gus and co set out for Alaska

Nonso Anozie, Christian Convery, Naledi Murray and Stefania LaVie Owen in Sweet Tooth
Nonso Anozie, Christian Convery, Naledi Murray and Stefania LaVie Owen in Sweet Tooth (Image credit: MATT KLITSCHER/NETFLIX)

The title of Sweet Tooth season 3 episode 1 reminds us that this is indeed the final season for the hit Netflix adaptation of the beloved DC Comics series by Jeff Lemire. And it starts things off with some terrific answers and plot progression.

The episode starts off in Alaska, 1911. During an expedition gone wrong, we meet a man named Thacker (Joel Tobeck), captain of the HMS Simpson, writing entries in his journal. His first mate is trying to interrogate him about the events of what happened in a cave that seemingly resulted in him and the rest of the crew becoming infected by the same virus that wiped out humanity in the present. The show then moves to Gus' mother, Birdie (Amy Seimetz), whom audiences met last season. She's studying the journal of Thacker, in an effort to learn more about the virus.

We also catch up with Gus (Christian Convery), Wendy (Naledi Murray), Becky (Stefania LaVie Owen) and Jepp (Nonso Anozie). Last season they decided to follow Gus' vision of Birdie to Alaska, and are on their way there. There's a moment of hesitation between the group, but they double down on their efforts to continue on the journey, making a vow to move forward at all costs.

The Bingo Bandits

They decide if they're going to press on, they'll need supplies. Ccavenging at a nearby casino that seems deserted, they discover some spare food and clothing in a backroom. The group tries to take what they can, before finding out they've stepped into a trap. The ones who set it reveal themselves, a group of senior citizens who call themselves "The Bingo Bandits." The Bingo Bandits set the group free, but refuse to spare any supplies for them. Meanwhile, Wendy gets distraught, still grieving the death of Aimee from season 2.

Gus comes up with a plan to try and win supplies from The Bingo Bandits. They decide to bet the farm (or in this case Gus' last bottle of maple syrup) on a game of roulette. If they win, Gus and the group would be entitled to some supplies. Unfortunately, the group loses, and The Bingo Bandits make them leave. However, one of the members, Bridget, feels sorry for them, and sends them away with a magic hat, a scarf and a tip on how to get to a boat that will take them to Canada. The group takes their meager consolation prize and leaves, just as an unseen, mysterious figure enters the casino and confronts The Bingo Bandits.

Gus and the gang end up driving as far as they could before they run out of gas and have to proceed across the Rocky Mountains on foot. Unfortunately an avalanche occurs and Gus loses Jepp and Becky.

Birdie's decision

The action cuts back to Alaska, where Birdie is at a bar, thinking about the potential of Gus being alive and feeling discouraged about not having found a cure yet. She makes the choice to finally leave her work, and the Alaskan outpost she’s been stationed at, to go find Gus. She bids her friend farewell, bequeathing her research and Thacker’s journal to her friend's Husky hybrid daughter.

However, as she leaves her workstation and returns to her home, Birdie gets attacked by a hunter who is looking to kidnap her under the orders of his employer. Birdie fights him off. However, the hunter tranquilizes her, rendering her unconscious. A large hooved hybrid finds the unconscious Birdie and takes her with him.

Long-awaited meetings

Kelly Marie Tran in Sweet Tooth

Kelly Marie Tran in Sweet Tooth (Image credit: MATT KLITSCHER/NETFLIX)

Gus and the gang are buried in the remnants of the avalanche. Gus finds Wendy, and together they find Becky and Jepp. Jepp reaches his breaking point, expressing his deep fears about continuing their perilous journey concerning his age and health. However, Gus is able to convince him to continue, sticking to the vow they made previously. 

Close behind them though, are a feral pack of hybrid wolves, owned by Mrs. Zhang (Rosalind Chao), hunting down the group. Zhang’s family, including Rosie (Kelly Marie Tran), have decided after Gus. They’re the family responsible for the attempted kidnapping of Birdie and have been pulling the strings against Gus and his team in the wake of Abbot's death.

However, Gus and the rest of the gang find shelter in a potato themed hotel, where they realize they're not alone. As they enjoy a night of comfort, out of the shadows steps Dr. Singh (Adeel Akhtar), telling Gus they need to speak about Alaska. At long last, these characters have found their way to one another after.

All episodes of Sweet Tooth season 3 are available to stream on Netflix.

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