Sweet Tooth season 3 episode 6 recap: the Arctic Night rises

Rosalind Chao and Kelly Marie Tran in Sweet Tooth
Rosalind Chao and Kelly Marie Tran in Sweet Tooth (Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

Sweet Tooth season 3 episode 6 once again opens in 1911. The wife of Thacker’s first mate is caring for a baby that is actually a hybrid, thanks to her exposure to The Sick. The baby's name is Munaqsriri. She ultimately has to abandon it in a church. This is the Caribou Man.

Mothers and Sons

In the present, Munaqsriri (Nathaniel Lees) and Gus (Christian Convery) brave the elements and make it back to his cabin. Gus asks him why he saved him? Munaqsriri simply responds "heartbeat." They're clearly connected. 

Upon arriving, Gus finally is reunited with Birdie (Amy Seimetz) and the two have an emotional reunion. As Birdie and Gus catch up, Gus tells her about the cave. Munaqsriri warns them to stay away from the cave. 

Amy Seimetz and Christian Convery in Sweet Tooth

Amy Seimetz and Christian Convery in Sweet Tooth (Image credit: KIRSTY GRIFFIN/NETFLIX)

As Birdie tries to care for his wounds from his rescuing Gus, Munaqsriri's hatred for humans is so strong he refuses to let her help. He's vengeful that the world of humanity took his mother. He's stopped humans from discovering that cave for over 100 years and he refuses to let anyone know where it is.

Gus confides in Munaqsriri, telling him about his time with his Pubba in Yellowstone. But Munaqsriri states that nature must take its course and humanity must not find the cave. But Gus still wants to save everyone. Munaqsriri asks for a walrus tusk as it tells the story of his mother.  

Ikiaq's story

Thacker had a mission to find a substance that cured all illnesses. When he found it he took it. But he wanted more. Taking the substance, The Blood of the Earth, angered nature and brought about The Sick. So all of Thacker's men got infected. Trying to ensure the illness ended with them, they stayed on the ship and poisoned themselves. Though Ikiaq escaped. However, humanity tormented Munaqsriri because he was different. He claims that humanity is the disease and The Sick is the cure.

Gus disagrees. Having seen the kindness of Becky (Stefania LaVie Owen), Jepp (Nonso Anozie) and Pubba (Will Forte). But Munaqsriri says when the Arctic Night is over, all humanity will be dead. He tells Gus that his name in English means guardian. Munaqsriri succumbs to his wounds, seeing the spirit of his mother as he dies.

The walrus tusk of Ikiaq was actually a missing piece of a map to the cave. Birdie expresses her regret not spending more time with Gus, but she makes him promise not to make his story the same as Munaqsriri's. They begin to head out to the cave but are stopped by an ominous pounding at the door.

Taking back Siana's outpost

Back at Siana's (Cara Gee) outpost, she and Jepp try to avoid being spotted by Zhang's (Rosalind Chao) men. 

Rosie (Kelly Marie Tran) arrives, and the rest of their gang takes it over. Siana has a plan. She heads to Birdie's old trailer and finds Nuka (Ayazhan) already there. The rest of their outpost group arrives there too.

They all begin fighting and blame Siana for the misfortune they've encountered. Jepp calms the group down and gives a speech about how much Gus changed him and how they should follow in his example and work together to create a real home. They all agree and vow to get rid of Zhang's men.

Sweet reunions

At Zhang's other basecamp, Wendy and Becky find a snow plow and escape. They set out to find Gus and Jepp. 

When they get lost in a snow storm, they have a heart to heart where Wendy says it's not Becky or the wolf hybrid's fault others made them feel lost. They use the stars to guide them over to Birdie's trailer where they rendezvous with Jepp and the rest of the outpost survivors.

A blood sacrifice

Singh (Adeel Akhtar) and Zhang monitor the pregnancy of Rosie's sister. Singh explains he needs to sacrifice Gus at the cave to fix the world and end The Sick. He believes Gus needs to die by his hand, which would fix what Thacker did. It was in his dream and part of Thacker's journal as well. This would also ensure human births would be possible again. They embark on a journey to the cave, while Rosie and her sister discuss the loss of Rosie's wolf hybrid son.

The episode ends with everyone racing towards Gus and the cave as the Arctic Night begins.

All episodes of Sweet Tooth are now available to stream on Netflix.

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