Sweet Tooth season 3 episode 3 recap: a whale of a tale

Nonso Anozie, Naledi Murray, Stefania LaVie Owen, Christian Convery and Adeel Akhtar in Sweet Tooth
Nonso Anozie, Naledi Murray, Stefania LaVie Owen, Christian Convery and Adeel Akhtar in Sweet Tooth (Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

It wasn't an easy journey, but the Gus Gang finally makes it to the coast in Sweet Tooth season 3 episode 3. However, they find that their journey is still a lot longer than anticipated. Unexpected challenges end up forcing them to pivot and improvise as they try to move forward.

Rosie's tale

The episode starts out with Rosie (Kelly Marie Tran) in a trailer during "The Crumble," when society fell. She's taking care of her unseen children. Zhang (Rosalind Chao) finds her and tells her that her father died. 

Rosie's clearly been disconnected from her family for some time after Zhang kicked her out of their home for getting pregnant and having a hybrid child. Rosie begs to come back. We find out she had four babies; all wolf hybrids. Zhang agrees to let her back to the compound, but forces her to raise her babies as animals, sticking them in a kennel. 

Back in the present, Rosie is at Ven's (David Van Horn) home, picking up where she left off at the end of the previous episode. She sends her babies, essentially now feral wolf hybrids that have been chasing Gus (Christian Convery) this entire time, to maul Ven to death, but tells him she'll spare his family as a reward for tipping her off about Gus.

The whale's song

Meanwhile, Gus and the gang are travelling in the van Theo gave them. They discuss Zhang and how she came to power as the last standing warlord, making her even worse than General Abbot. 

Becky (Stefania LaVie Owen ) tells the story about how after Texas fell, there was a war to control the south. Zhang came out on top and now runs the dairy, agriculture and fuel industries. She also runs a maternity ranch, with the intent of restarting human birth. She wants Gus because he's the original hybrid and holds the secret to resolving The Sick and potentially hybrid births. Singh (Adeel Akhtar), however, believes that Captain Thacker (Joel Tobeck) discovered something in the cave caused The Sick, and bringing Gus to the cave may fix everything.

Gus and team continue to head to the coast, where a ship, The Whale's Song, is going to set sail in a few days time. It's said to be the final ship departing the Pacific Northwest. When the group finally arrives they find The Whale's Song has already departed. They meet a woman named Coral (Edith Poor) who informs them the boat left an hour ago, packed to the brim. Gus convinces her to help them catch the boat.

Coral tries to radio The Whale's Song, to convince them to turn back. It doesn't work, but thankfully Gus spots an abandoned row boat in Coral's yard. They decide to restore it to the best of their ability and use it to catch up to The Whale's Song. Simultaneously, Coral keeps trying the radio. But unfortunately, Rosie's radio picks up her transmission.

After finishing restoration on the boat, Jepp (Nonso Anozie) and Becky discuss the possibility of abandoning or even killing Singh. Wendy (Naledi Murray) and Becky have a moment, and Wendy finds some duct tape. She uses it to re-attach Gus' broken antler. Jepp and Singh have a confrontation, with Singh defending his right to come along.

Rosie suddenly arrives and begins shooting at Gus. With precious little time Gus, Jepp and Singh scramble to get on their makeshift boat and escape, leaving Wendy and Becky behind. Having failed to capture Gus again, Rosie declines a call from Zhang, deciding to take her pack of wolves and stay at Coral's. Unaware of what's going on at her former residence, Coral takes Theo's van and leaves for California with her dog.

With Becky and Wendy left behind, they decide to plan to find Wendy's family. However, all of a sudden they're attacked by one of Rosie's wolves. Wendy flees while Becky struggles to survive, and manages to stab the wolf hybrid. Rosie attacks Becky, knocking her out and taking her wolf hybrid offspring with her to try and patch it up.

Meanwhile, Gus, Jepp and Singh manage to catch up to The Whale's Song.

North and south

Rosalind Chao in Sweet Tooth

Rosalind Chao in Sweet Tooth (Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

Up north, in the Alaskan Outpost, Siana (Cara Gee) holds a forum to convince Birdie's old group to form a search party for her. Unfortunately folks are too afraid to do so. So she and Nuka (Ayazhan) set out on their own.

Meanwhile, back down in Texas, Zhang gets a new, lethal gadget that will help her extract DNA from a hybrid. But in testing it she kills her test subject in a gruesome and painful manner.

All episodes of Sweet Tooth season 3 are available to stream on Netflix.

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