The Inheritance episode 2 recap: Everyone's a suspect

Pete and Chloe in The Inheritance episode 2
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This article contains spoilers for The Inheritance episode 2.

Family thriller The Inheritance continued to throw in more twists and turns in its second episode. The Inheritance episode 1 ended with that bombshell reveal at Dennis' funeral that his death may well have been suspicious after all, and this second episode sees Dan, Chloe, and Sian trying to figure out who might have been responsible. Unfortunately, divisions start to spring up between Dennis' three children along the way...

Here's what happened in The Inheritance episode 2. 

Under suspicion

DS Morris in The Inheritance episode 2

DS Morris. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Following the police seizure of the body at Dennis' funeral, the trio head to the coroner's office. There, the coroner explains that the levels of bioethanol and alcohol found in Dennis' system, coupled with the sleeping tablets, could well have produced similar symptoms to that of dementia. They immediately try to pin the blame for his death on Susan, though the coroner maintains evidence still could suggest Dennis took his own life.

Later, Chloe is chatting with her husband, Pete. She explains what they learned, and explains their suspicions that Dennis was murdered. Pete then cryptically urges her to tell the others about... something. Meanwhile, Dan is working in his restaurant when Glen wanders in and pays him a visit, to intimidate him about paying his debts. Dan tells Glen they've already got their hands on the man, and offers the meal on the house, though Glen insists on being 'a big believer in paying my bills', and slaps down some cash on the table. He also asks whether Dan had mentioned Glen to Sian, because he wants to talk to her about 'unfinished business'.

The trio continue sorting through Dennis' things, and Chloe asks if Dan ever got around to finding out the nature of the two mystery companies in his documents. At that point, DS Morris arrives to talk about their father's death. They again urge him to look at Susan, but Morris bluntly tells them he believes everyone is a suspect at the moment.

Gaudette Dynamics revealed

Michael in The Inheritance episode 2

Was Michael manipulating Dennis? (Image credit: Channel 5)

After Morris' visit, they realize that Michael, Dennis' old friend, is the man behind Gaudette Dynamics, one of the mystery companies whom their father had been sending money. Dan resolves to visit him to ask what the arrangement was about. 

Chloe, meanwhile, goes to visit Susan. Susan asks when she was going to show up, and in the ensuing tense chat we learn that Chloe had learned she and Dennis were having an affair (whilst their mother was battling cancer) and so she had followed Susan home at some point in the past but hadn't had the nerve to confront her. Michael and Susan were apparently separated at the time, and Dennis apparently wanted to explain himself to his kids but also didn't have the guts to fess up. 

Sian pays a visit to Chloe and puts forward her theory that Michael and Susan might have worked together to kill Dennis and take everything from him, potentially out of revenge for his affair. 

Dan starts snooping around Michael's home and finds a bottle of bioethanol on site. He takes this evidence to the police, urging DS Morris to launch a formal investigation into Michael. They go back to his home, and can no longer find the bioethanol. Michael asks DS Morris to arrest him. 

Michael also explains that he's not used the Gaudette account in years, which is confusing, as Dennis had apparently deposited £15,000 into the account over a period of 20 months. Though, as no withdrawals have been made, there's no real evidence here that Michael was trying to manipulate his former friend. 

A shock reunion

Sian laughing on her date in The Inheritance episode 2

Sian's the only sibling having a good time in this episode. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Sian has continued to flirt with the estate agent who offered to sell the house, and she finally gets him to invite her out for a drink whilst she's looking after her son. Chloe and Dan are back at the house, continuing to pick out things they want to take. During the search, Chloe actually uncovers the original will (before Dennis had amended it to leave everything to Susan), but doesn't tell Dan.

Susan then drops by Dennis' house again, stirring up trouble by saying that both siblings have been keeping secrets from one another. She's also aware that the kids' solicitor has begun contesting Susan's version of the will, finishing up by telling them they cannot take everything, and that she's brought a locksmith to the house to change the locks. 

Pete is stunned to learn that Chloe hasn't passed over the copy of the will, but Chloe plans to use it to blackmail Susan first. Sian gets prepped for her date with the estate agent, and Glen drops by the restaurant kitchen again to tell Dan he wants him to help get access to his son.

If Dan helps, Glen says he can extend his debt repayment window... and blames Dan for his troubles as he was the one who reached out to Glen. Dan reluctantly agrees and phones Sian to ask if he can hang out with his nephew out of the blue. 

Sian's date goes well (even if the estate agent is very late to it), and we see the pair heading home together; we're not the only ones, though, as Glen sees everything, too.

The episode then ends with Dan returning to Michael's house. He wants to ask for the money in the Gaudette account so he can pay Glen back. Michael answers the door with a shotgun leveled at him; Dan urges him to put the gun down, but he refuses...and then points the barrel at his chin, with the screen cutting to black as the trigger is pulled!

The Inheritance continues Monday at 9 pm on Channel 5. For more shows to enjoy, check out our top picks for the best Channel 5 dramas you can stream right now.

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