Too Hot To Handle: Germany cast — who's who in the Netflix dating show

Too Hot To Handle: Germany contestants
Who's in the cast of Too Hot To Handle: Germany? (Image credit: Paul Hepper/Netflix)

Too Hot To Handle: Germany sees 12 German-speaking singles jet off for the wildest party of their lives, jam-packed with steamy action. But their party in paradise soon comes to an abrupt end when virtual assistant Lana enlists some strict rules to their stay. 

To help the singles forge deep and meaningful connections, Lana is banning all sexual contact — but there is a benefit to their abstinence.

They all have the chance to win the €200,000 prize money if they manage to resist their sexual desires. But every tiny, raunchy slip will reduce their prize money amount. So, who can resist temptation and build emotional connections?

Here all the 12 singles taking part in Too Hot To Handle: Germany...


Akka and Sophie

(Image credit: Paul Hepper/Netflix)

Akka is a 21 year old influencer from Vienna, Austria. As he sets his sights on the €200,000 and some hot singles, he revealed the words he lives by.

“My motto is: Eat, sleep, f***, repeat,” he said.


Tobias, Oli, Anna and Stella in a swimming pool

(Image credit: Paul Hepper/Netflix)

25 year old Anna is a content creator from Innsbruck, Austria.

“My hair has a kind of super power, we’re both pretty hard to tie down,” she revealed.


Dennis, 33, is a model, influencer and photographer from Berlin.

He declared: “Without sex I’d never smile." Will he be able to cope with no sexual contact in a bid to win the prize money?


Emely holding a paddle board and wearing a red swimsuit

(Image credit: Paul Hepper/Netflix)

Emely, 26, is a freelance makeup artist from Ibiza/Berlin.

“After sex, I either just go home or I high-five the guy,” she said.


Fabio, Stella and Tobias

(L-R) Fabio, Stella and Tobias. (Image credit: Netflix)

Fabio is a 26 year old model from Berlin/Göppingen. He calls himself the 'typical gigolo' and is very romantic thanks to his Italian roots.

He shared: “I’m half Italian so I’m very romantic. I’m the typical gigolo.”


Akka and Kevin

Akka (left) and Kevin (right). (Image credit: Paul Hepper/Netflix)

26 year old Kevin is a model and soccer player from Flensburg.

“Every time I shoot, I score!” he shared — will he manage to score a girl in Too Hot To Handle: Germany?


Kevin and Laura

(Image credit: Paul Hepper/Netflix)

Laura is 34 and is a UX designer and curve model from Berlin.

Self-confident Laura revealed: “If you’re confident and love yourself the way you are, men queue up for you.”


Emely and Oliver

(Image credit: Paul Hepper/Netflix)

Oliver, 28, is a personal trainer and model from Wiesbaden.

“Sex is just like building up muscles," he commented. We'll have to wait and see if he gets up to any of those forbidden antics!


Onyi making an art creation

(Image credit: Paul Hepper/Netflix)

Onyi is a 25 year old dentistry student from Hamburg.

She proudly declared that: “I’ve never had a relationship and I’m not sad about it.” Could this be about to change?


Sophie smiling

(Image credit: Netflix)

Sophie is an entrepreneur from Berlin/Dubai and she's 25 years old.

She stated that: “I like bad boys. Perhaps because I’m a bad girl myself.” Will she be getting up to trouble in paradise?


Stella and Tobias nearly kiss

(Image credit: Netflix)

Stella, 25, is a model and influencer from Munich who believes that she's just "made to be single."

“I was never a good girl. I’m the kind of person who’s just made to be single,” she said. Will she find the one to banish these thoughts?


Tobias, Laura and Stella wearing silk pyjamas

(Image credit: Paul Hepper/Netflix)

27 year old Tobias is an IT consultant from Heilbronn. He's handsome and intelligent, as he revealed: “There’s a stereotype that good-looking people are stupid, but I’m the living proof that this isn’t true.”

Virtual assistant Lana

Lana placed on a table

(Image credit: Paul Hepper/Netflix)

Lana is Too Hot To Handle's virtual assistant who keeps the contestants in check by giving them strict rules that they must abide by. 

The Alexa-style device keeps a close eye on the singletons antics to make sure they aren't breaking any of the rules — and if they do, everyone else will certainly know about it, as well as reduce the jackpot money.

Too Hot To Handle: Germany is available on Netflix.

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