What time does You season 4, part 2 come out on Netflix?

You season 4, part 2: Joe looks out of a window
Joe's time in London has been anything but relaxing. (Image credit: Netflix)

You season 4, part 2 is right around the corner, and we'll be picking up after the intense first instalment which saw Joe facing a new adversary.

When You season 4 kicked off, we saw Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) trying to build a new life for himself after the rather chaotic season 3 finale where we saw him murdering his wife, Love (Victoria Pedretti), abandoning their son, and faking his own death.

This led Joe to create a new identity, Professor Jonathan Moore, and relocate to London where he hoped to live out his days and leave the old Joe behind him. However, we've all seen You, and we know that wherever Joe goes chaos follows.

It wasn't long before Joe's plans were rumbled, and he found himself being stalked by someone, who was later identified as Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers), a member of the affluent new group Joe had gotten involved with. 

Under the name "Eat The Rich Killer", Rhys hoped to pick off the wealthy elite one by one, with Joe also among his targets. He's not stopping any time soon either as part 1 concluded with the revelation that he's running for Mayor of London.

If that wasn't crazy enough for you, don't worry, because part 2 is looking like it's dialing all that up to 100, and there'll be plenty more to look forward to.

But when can you watch You season 4, part 2? Here's what you need to know.

What time does You season 4, part 2 come out on Netflix?

You season 4, part 2 will be released on Thursday, March 9 at approximately 12 am PST / 3 am ET. It's expected at 8 am in the UK.

How to watch You season 4, part 2

You season 4, part 2 is available globally on Netflix, which means you have to be a subscriber to watch. Netflix is a leading force in the streaming industry, and currently offers a few different options for subscribers to choose from.

Is there a trailer for You season 4, part 2?

Yes there is, and it's a wild one. It starts with Rhys telling Joe he "needs a friend", and ends with a cameo from a very familiar face.

Take a look below...

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