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Where was Uncoupled filmed? Filming locations revealed

Uncoupled's Michael Lawson (Neil Patrick Harris) on a New York City balcony with the Empire State Building in the background.
Uncoupled was filmed on-location in and around New York City. (Image credit: Netflix)

Dealing with a relationship breakup is never easy at the best of times, but it is even harder when your relationship of 17 years comes to an end. This is the situation Uncoupled's New York City real estate agent Michael Lawson (Neil Patrick Harris) finds himself in when he is unceremoniously ditched by his long-term partner, Colin (Tuc Watkins). 

From Darren Star (creator of Sex And The City) and Jeffrey Richman (writer for shows including Modern Family), Uncoupled focuses on the romantic highs and lows of the newly single Michael as he adjusts to single life and the gay dating scene in the city — something that has changed drastically in the two decades he has been off the market. 

Alongside the likable cast of characters and amorous misadventures, the backdrop of the bustling Big Apple provides the perfect setting for this bittersweet sitcom. The good news is that much of the show was filmed on location in New York, so there are plenty of places seen on screen that you can visit in real life. 

Here are just a few of the places seen in Uncoupled…  

Where was Uncoupled filmed?

The High Line

There’s no shortage of recognizable landmarks in New York, and one of the best ways to explore them at a distance is by taking a stroll along the elevated park in Manhattan called The High Line. 

A former, disused section of the New York Central Railroad, The High Line (opens in new tab) covers 2.33km and runs from the Meatpacking District, through Chelsea, and down to 34th Street on the West Side.

While it can be an excellent spot for sightseeing, its central location means you never know what you might see. In the second episode of Uncoupled, Michael’s best friend and colleague Suzanne (Tisha Campbell) certainly sees something very unexpected strolling along The High Line when she catches Colin with a potential new partner.  

Michael Lawson (Neil Patrick Harris) walks down the streets of New York City in Uncoupled.

Michael's misadventures see him travelling all over NYC. (Image credit: Netflix)

Da Francesco

One of the great things about Uncoupled being set in a real place is that a lot of the restaurants and bars featured are ones that you can go and visit yourself — and for the businesses, it is a great piece of advertising. 

You’re spoilt for choice of places to eat in and around New York, and when Michael seeks comfort from best pals Billy (Emerson Brooks) and Stanley (Brooks Ashmanskas) following the discovery that his ex might be seeing someone else, they head to the trendy Brooklyn based restaurant, Da Francesco (opens in new tab)

With its simple, mirrored decor, this restaurant provides the perfect setting for Michael to bring his friends up to speed with what's happening in his love life while they enjoy comforting Italian food.  

620 Loft & Garden, Rockefeller Center 

The Rockefeller Center is one of the most famous New York locations and sitting atop one of the buildings is the beautiful 620 Loft & Garden (opens in new tab). It's a popular private hire space for dinners and weddings, and is an oasis in the heart of the city with manicured gardens, a reflecting pool, and 360° views of landmarks including St Patrick’s Cathedral and towering 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

In episode 2 of Uncoupled, it serves as the setting for a swanky charity dinner that Michael and Suzanne attend, however, drama arises when Michael confronts the man he believes Colin cheated on him with. 

Le Monde

Along with work and play, brunch could be considered a core activity for most Manhattanites, and that is absolutely the case for the characters in Uncoupled. One of the things the series looks at is the impact of Michael and Colin’s break-up — not just on them but on their wider circle of friends and family as well. 

While Michael gladly confides in his closest friends, he is a little more reluctant to talk to his parents, and his mother Lisa (Stephanie Faracy) doesn’t seem to be keen on letting Colin go.

At the beginning of episode 4, we see Michael and Lisa stepping out of the French brasserie, Le Monde (opens in new tab), located on the Upper West Side. With its brightly colored exterior and al fresco dining, this cafe has distinct European qualities and looks like a great spot for people watching. Lisa remarks that the niçoise salad is overrated, but you’ll just have to try it to see for yourself. 

Claire's Apartment

Marcia Gay Harden as Claire in Uncoupled.

Claire's apartment will inspire some jealousy! (Image credit: Sarah Shatz/Netflix)

While much of Uncoupled focuses on Michael’s personal life, we do also get to see some of his professional life working as a high-end real estate agent. This means we get a glimpse into some truly enviable and incredibly expensive properties in New York, and many of them were shot on location as well.

One of Michael’s most demanding clients is a recent divorcée, Claire (Marcia Gay Harden), who is determined to move out of her ex-husband’s luxurious penthouse into a new home. This isn’t a location you can easily walk into, but this stunning double-height apartment (opens in new tab) in Manhattan’s Midtown East is available to buy with a big enough budget.  

Atto Prime

Michael’s adventures in the modern dating scene frequently result in awkward encounters but occasionally there is a glimmer of hope. At a roller disco event hosted by Billy in episode 6, Michael bumps — quite literally — into the handsome Luke (Dan Amboyer), and they form a quick connection. 

After Colin left him, Michael struggled with the idea of dating someone else long-term, and Luke is the only one he considers could be more than a one-night hook-up. As they get to know each other, they head to some romantic date spots in the city, including Atto Prime (opens in new tab) in Midtown East — where they even take the bold step of sharing each other's food. 

With classy decor and tantalizing steakhouse-style menu, Atto Prime looks like a great place to eat — whether you choose to share or not. 

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