Who was The Prince in The Masked Singer US?

The Prince performs on The Masked Singer season 7
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Who was The Prince in The Masked Singer US?

Although he had a good run in the competition, during this year's The Masked Singer US season 7 finale, The Prince couldn't overtake Firefly and Ringmaster to win. However, before his departure from the stage, the mystery behind his identity was revealed. After weeks of hearing him sing and providing clues, were you able to correctly guess which celebrity was behind the mask?  

Who was The Prince in The Masked Singer US?

The person in The Prince costume turned out to be Cheyenne Jackson. Jackson has starred in They Call Me Kat and American Horror Story. Surprisingly, Jenny McCarthy actually guessed correctly (many fans were way off on this one).  Robin Thicke thought The Prince was Ricky Martin and Ken believed him to be Matt Bomer. 

Who is The Prince in The Masked Singer US? Song picks...

The Prince made quite the splash on his first week on the series. He sang "La Copa De La Vida" by Ricky Martin and received a standing ovation. 

That performance was followed up with Sam Smith's "Lay Me Down":

In the group 3 finals, The Prince gave his rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Sir Duke":

In the season finale, The Prince performs "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay.

Who is The Prince in The Masked Singer US? Show clues...

The theme of The Prince's first clue package was fitness. He was in a gym with people working out and the initial clue spotted was a medicine ball with "Mars" written on it. The second clue was a diamond ring. The last hint was the price of his workout video which was $20.06, possibly signifying a significant year. 

Following The Prince's second performance, the panel and fans got the Mega Clue, which was a piece of luggage. The Prince said "I have toured a lot of hotels all over the world."

The latest clue package for The Prince had him describing how he dreamed of escaping his "small pond" and how after years of struggle "people started to recognize me for my true talent."

In the show's finale, The Prince offered one last round of clues. The first hint was a sticker that read "Glee Club Alumni." The next clue was a framed picture of Ryan Murphy. Lastly, the final hint was a sign that read "Broadway." 

Who is The Prince in The Masked Singer US? Costume clues… 

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Having a peek at the costume, we thought that maybe the crown could reference sports royalty. One sporting idol that came to our minds was NBA superstar Charles Barkley, who you could definitely say is sports royalty. He is also famously known to have a number of nicknames including “The Prince of Pizza” and “Sir Charles,” which the costume could be paying a subtle reference to.

Who is The Prince in The Masked Singer US? Verbal clues...

The Prince is clearly a singer and entertainer. We'd venture to say he's in his 40s or 50s. Again, he's definitely a vocalist. 

Who is The Prince in The Masked Singer US? Theories...

Early theories for The Prince centered on him being a Latin singer like Mark Anthony or Enrique Iglesias, probably boosted by his great performance of Ricky Martin's "La Copa De La Vida."

Unfortunately for us, our theories early on proved to be quite incorrect. 

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After the second performance, however, a lot of fans now think it could Cheyenne Jackson, who has been a Broadway star in shows like Thoroughly Modern Millie, Xanadu, Damn Yankees and more. He also appeared on the TV show Life on Mars and was part of American Horror Story season 5, which was set in a hotel.

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After the Prince's third performance, the panel made guesses of JC Chasez (Jenny McCarthy), Ben Platt (Robin Thicke) and Andrew Rannells (Nicole Scherzinger).

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