Holby City's Camilla Arfwedson: 'It's all quite tragic really for Zosia'

Zosia will she leave holby

Following her disastrous wedding, Holby's Zosia March feels like she's at a crossroads - but which way will she turn? Camilla Arfwedson tells us more...

After a challenging few weeks, Dr Zosia March considers whether it might be time to move on, as Camilla Arfwedson reveals…

There was high drama at Zosia and Ollie's wedding last week when Zosia's dad Guy turned up drunk and was then taken ill. Are they able to celebrate being newlyweds at all? "It's all just complete chaos because of what happened with Guy, so there's not really a moment where Ollie and her can celebrate being married. The only moment of joy they've had was walking from the ceremony to the dining room for their reception, where all hell broke loose. It's all quite tragic really."

holby city ollie zosia wedding

Zosia was all smiles on her wedding day - but that didn't last long...

How is she feeling towards her father after he ruined her wedding day? "Despite their differences, she loves her dad; she's almost obsessed with him and her feelings run very deep. I just don't think Guy and Zosia will ever have a normal father/daughter relationship; it's almost like something from Ancient Greek mythology – their relationship has always been very odd and very, very complicated."

She recently passed up the opportunity to study in America to stay at Holby and look after a troubled Guy. How does she react when Jac tells her the placement is still available? "Unbeknownst to her, Guy has asked Jac to try and get Zosia to reconsider going to Yale School of Medicine. Initially, Zosia tells Jac that she feels she should stay at Holby to be with him. However, Zosia's an accomplished young woman, who's come through a lot of emotional turmoil only to turn down a place at Yale for a man – her dad! But Zosia's calling in life is to be a brilliant CT consultant, something she's always strived for, so she starts to wonder if she should do something for herself for once!"

Zosia and ollie talking about the US

With the US placement back on the table, Zosia wonders what she should do...

She also realises she perhaps rushed into marrying Ollie to try and make a point to Guy. Do they have a heart to heart? "Yes, they have a very frank discussion. What's nice about her and Ollie is they're actually really good friends, so they don't just connect on an emotional level. In the past, there would be tears, storming off and breaking up with those two but now it really feels like they're settled. So they have a strangely matter of fact conversation where Zosia says to Ollie: 'I love you – but maybe it was the wrong time.'"

How do you think Ollie will cope if she does leave Holby? "I'd expect Ollie to deal with it in an adult way and be quite practical about it, so I reckon he'll just focus on his work. I don't think Ollie's one of those people who'll rush out, get drunk and go on Tinder. At least, I hope he's not anyway!"

What will Zosia decide to do? Find out as Holby City continues, Tuesday September 26 at 8pm on BBC1.

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