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Guy Henry on Holby return: ‘I was surprisingly nervous!’ (VIDEO)

Guy Henry has admitted he was ‘surprisingly nervous’ reprising his role as Henrik Hanssen in Holby City.

Hanssen returns to the BBC1 medical drama next week as the hospital's new CEO, replacing Guy Self (played by John Michie), who’s stepped down from the role to focus on being a neurosurgeon.

The character of Hanssen was last seen in October 2013 going off to his native Sweden to reunite with his son and grandson.

Talking exclusively to about his return, Guy said: "I was surprisingly nervous. It’s always the danger of going back… is it a good idea to revisit something where you’ve been happy, where it was successful, where you enjoyed it?"

He went on: "But then I thought of the money, and I thought of the fact that I love the character and I really, really love the people who work on Holby, so I thought: 'Get on with it'. It's lovely to be back."

Guy teased that Hanssen wastes no time in making his mark as Holby's new CEO.

"He doesn’t hold back in expressing his views to Guy Self," he said: "He thinks Guy Self has run the place based on individual 'star turns' as opposed to a cohesive team of people who are passionate about medicine. So they lock horns fairly quickly.”

See Guy Henry’s return as Hanssen on April 28 at 8pm on BBC1.

Watch our interview with Guy Henry, above…