Holby's Michael Thomson on Jonny's exit: 'First, he has a score to settle with Guy'

After his recent ordeal, Jonny Maconie decides it's time to say farewell to BBC1's medical drama Holby City, as Michael Thomson reveals…

It's certainly been a difficult few weeks for clinical nurse manager Jonny Maconie, hasn’t it?

"It really has been the biggest adventure Jonny’s ever been on. When patient Julie Kale died, Jonny was charged with murder and jailed. He then got stabbed in prison and returned to Holby as a patient. Fortunately, Julie’s husband has since confessed to mistakenly killing his wife so, this week, Jonny walks out of prison a free man."

Surely Jonny must be delighted his ordeal is finally over?

"He is and he just wants to go straight back to his old life and do his job. But it's almost impossible because he blames CEO Guy Self (John Michie) for everything that’s happened to him, ever since he dared to challenge Guy about his new hospital initiative. Jonny takes it all very much as a personal attack and is still very bitter."

What ultimately makes Jonny decide to leave Holby?

"Jonny’s endured so much since he’s been at Holby with his on-off relationship with Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel), their daughter Emma’s illness and then the sudden death of his fiancée Bonnie. His recent ordeal has given him a new sense of direction and he’s ready to take his life on a new journey – but first he has a score to settle with Guy…"

Sounds intriguing… what happens?

"There’s an intense confrontation between the two of them where Jonny basically takes Guy aside and has a quiet word in his ear… while REALLY squeezing his hand! It's one of those really tight handshakes where Jonny lets Guy know that he’s really marked his card."

Can we expect any reconciliation between Jonny and Jac?

"They do make some sort of peace. It’s clear there’s still something there between them and they decide to go off together, with Emma, and try and make it work. I think most Holby fans want to see them have a happy ending, but this is Jonny and Jac remember, so it’s not too romcom!"

Why did you personally decide to leave Holby after three years on the show?

"I’ve loved every second of my time on Holby but, as an actor, I want to try new roles and don’t ever want to get too comfortable. I’ve really enjoyed playing Jonny and I’ll remember him fondly – but I don’t think even he could handle any more devastation in his life!"

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.


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