Evie makes a drunken move on Mason

A drunken Evie tries to kiss Mason in Home and Away, but how will he respond?

Friends and family start to get concerned when Evie's partying gets out of hand.

Still grieving for the sudden loss of her twin brother, Oscar, and her, Aunt Hannah, in the caravan park explosion, Evie seems to be drowning her sorrows in alcohol.

Will anyone step in before things spiral further out of control and how will Mason react when she drunkenly makes a pass at him after partying the night away?


When Mason takes Evie back to his house to sober up, she pulls him in for a kiss!

Earlier on, Matt quizzes Evie about her feelings for Mason. It's obvious there's a spark between the pair.

Will Evie 'fess up to liking Mason more than she's been letting on?

Later on Evie's invited to a Uni party and cajoles Matt and Mason into going along with her.



Before the party Evie discovers the Morgan family's photo collection and enjoys having a rifle through it with Mason.

Later she, Matt and Mason head for the party but it's clear it's going to be a messy night. As the booze flows and drugs are passed around Matt decides to call it a night but a worse for wear Evie is adamant she's staying put. Mason eventually drags her away and takes her back to his so she can sober up a bit.



But he's taken aback when Evie, sprawled out on the sofa, suddenly grabs him for a kiss. Will Mason respond or will he let her down gently? Watch Home and Away on Channel 5 from Monday, September 12