What channels do you get on PlayStation Vue?

PlayStation Vue

Best answer: There are over 90 channels you can get with a PlayStation Vue subscription, but which ones you get depends on your plan. There are four different plan options for you to choose from and each of them come with their own set of channel options.

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So, how does this work?

PlayStation Vue has four plans, ranging from $40 a month to $75 a month. The plans add channels as the price increases — so you can easily see what it is you get and what it is you might still be missing — as you build up.

  • Access ($45): This is the most basic package you can get with PlayStation Vue. You get 45 channels, from AMC to CNN and Fox News, to ESPN and Disney, and more.
  • Core ($50): This package adds in sports channels like MLB Network, NBA TV, NFL Network, and regional sports. You'll also get the Cooking Channel and additional movie channels.
  • Elite ($60): This'll get you BBC World News and a bunch of movie channels (including some great bad movies on demand) that you never knew existed.
  • Ultra ($80): This is everything in the Elite package, but with HBO and Showtime (east and west for both) added in. And that's not a bad deal at $10 each per month, which both of them costing more if you were to get them separately. You'll also have access to the Showtime Anytime app, and HBO Now.

Here's a look at every channel that's currently available on PlayStation Vue:

PlayStation Vue add-on channels

In addition to the channels you get through one of the PS Vue plans, there also are several add-on channels available. Now you can add things like HBO or Showtime and still watch them through the PlayStation Vue app — no having to hop around to some other application.

Here are all of the add-on channels that you can get through PlayStation Vue:

  • Sports Pack ($10): This'll get you Bases Loaded, ESPN Classic, Goal Line, the Longhorn Network, MLB Strike Zone, NESN National (that's New England sports), NFL Red Zone and Outside TV.
  • HBO MAX Pack ($22 a month): That's HBO and Cinemax in one.
  • HBO ($15): The standalone sub for HBO.
  • Cinemax ($15): The standalone sub for Cinemax.
  • Premium Pack ($14): You get EPIX Hits and Showtime.
  • Showtime ($11): The standalone sub for Showtime.
  • EPIX Hits ($4): A decent movie add-on.
  • Español Pack ($5): Spanish-language channels.
  • Fox Soccer Plus ($15): Live worldwide soccer (and rugby, which isn't soccer but is still way cool).
  • HI-YAH! ($3): Martial-arts and Asian action movies.

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