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How to watch ESPN+ on Roku

ESPN+ on Roku
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Roku is the most popular streaming platform in the United States. ESPN+ is a must-have subscription for any real sports fan. Put the two together and, well, you've got a lot of sports on a super-popular streaming system. There are a couple of ways to go about this, though. You can handle the ESPN+ cost on its own, and then log in through the Roku channel. Or you can subscribe directly through Roku, using it as the billing mechanism. We'll walk you through both methods.

Products used in this guide

  • The Hardware: Roku ($29 to $99 at Amazon)
  • The Subscription: ESPN+ ($5 a month or $49 a year)
  • The Bundle: ESPN+/Hulu/Disney+ ($12.99 a month)
  • The Roku Channel: ESPN (free)

How to subscribe to ESPN+ and log in on Roku

This is the method I'd recommend if you think you're ever going to watch ESPN+ on something other than your Roku device. If you're going to watch on your phone or tablet, or on the web, or some other streaming platform in addition to your Roku set, this will offer you the most flexibility.

Subscribe to ESPN+ on its own

  1. In your favorite web browser, go to .
  2. Click (or tap or whatever) the big yellow "Sign Up now" button.
  3. Enter your name, email address and password.
  4. On the next screen, choose either the monthly or yearly plan.
  5. Enter your billing information.
  6. Click the "Buy ESPN+" button at the bottom of the page.

Log in to ESPN+ on Roku

Now it's time to log in to your ESPN+ account on your Roku device. Here's how to do that.

  1. In a web browser, go to the ESPN+ channel in the Roku Channel Store .
  2. Click the blue "Add channel" button. The ESPN channel will install itself on your Roku device.
  3. Alternately, just search for "ESPN" in the Channel Store directly on your Roku device.
  4. Open the ESPN channel on your Roku device.
  5. Choose "ESPN+" from the top menu.
  6. Now choose the "Buy Now" banner. (Don't worry, you don't have to buy it again.)
  7. Skip the two plan options an instead choose "Login."
  8. In a web browser, visit and enter the code you see on your screen. You'll need to be logged in to your ESPN account, of course.

And that'll get you going with ESPN+ on your Roku device.

Subscribe to ESPN+ on your Roku

Alternatively, you can sign up for ESPN+ through Roku itself and have it handle the billing. Here's how:

  1. Go through the steps in the section above. When you get to No. 7, choose either the annual or monthly plan.
  2. Enter your RokuPay PIN.
  3. Choose "Start Subscription."

And that's it. You'll now be paying for ESPN+ via your Roku account.

Our top equipment picks

These are the mandatory or core equipment selections. Optional or ancillary equipment will follow.

ESPN+ works on any Roku device, from the $29 Roku Express all the way up to a Roku TV, which has the Roku operating system built in. They all work exactly the same, and you'll sign in to ESPN+ exactly the same way on all of them.

But if you're serious about your Roku experience — and aren't already using a Roku TV — we recommend Roku Ultra. This is one of those times when spending a few extra bucks up front will provide for a better, more enjoyable experience down the road.