How to watch ESPN Plus in the Hulu app

ESPN Plus in the Hulu app
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Just because sports streaming service ESPN Plus is mostly known for its mobile app, doesn't mean you can't watch it in other ways; no, this streaming service is very versatile in how you can watch it. And one of the many ways you can stream is using the Hulu app.

People who subscribe to ESPN Plus and Hulu can use the latter to stream as much sports as possible, so you don't need to jump between apps if you want to see a game that's just come on.

The best way to subscribe to both is via the Disney Bundle, with its Trio tier combining the two and Disney Plus for as little as $12.99, saving you lots of money each month.

However you sign up, once you're a subscriber to multiple streaming services, here's how to watch ESPN Plus through the Hulu app, on whichever platform or screen you prefer.

Here's how to add ESPN Plus in the Hulu app: 

  1. Visit the account section on the Hulu website.
  2. In the "Partner add-ons" section, look for ESPN Plus.
  3. Click the "Plus" symbol.
  4. Click "Review changes."
  5. Finish up, and you're done.
  6. Once that's sorted, you'll be able to watch ESPN Plus right from inside the Hulu app.

What do you get with ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus means a ton of live sports, including college basketball, college football, soccer (that's football to everyone outside of North America!), hockey, MMA, boxing, cricket and more. 

And ESPN Plus is also where you'll find a world of new original shows, including the excellent Peyton's Places with Peyton Manning, and TJ and Boomer on NFL Primetime. The sports streaming service is also the exclusive home to UFC and it's the only place where you'll find the UFC's pay-per-view events.

Cost of ESPN Plus vs Hulu vs Disney Bundle

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