Does ESPN+ work with AirPlay?

ESPN+ AirPlay Menu on iPhone

Best answer: Yes, ESPN+ does work with AirPlay. You can use your iPhone or iPad to stream ESPN+ content to any Apple TV. Also if you have a newer model, you can use the ESPN app on either the 4th Gen Apple TV or Apple TV 4K.

ESPN+ and AirPlay

ESPN+ makes a strong pitch to Cord Cutters by offering a wide range of live sports and original programming streaming without requiring a cable subscription. If that sounds good to you, the next step is getting all those sports onto your screens.

AirPlay is Apple's wireless method for sending media of all types from iPhones, iPads and Macs to AirPlay target devices, including Apple TV. Using AirPlay, you send music or video from your handheld device to your Apple TV or HomePod in just a few taps as long as your app supports it. Will you be able to use this for MLS matches or a sports documentary from ESPN+? Does ESPN+ work with AirPlay?

Yes, ESPN+ supports AirPlay. All you need to do is tap the AirPlay icon

while watching video in the ESPN app, and choose your Apple TV. It's easy, and it is the only way to get ESPN+ onto a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd gen Apple TV. If you have one of the newer models of Apple TV, you can also watch ESPN+ in the native app.

Other options to consider

The ESPN app works on the 4th Gen Apple TV and the Apple TV 4K, so you won't need to rely on only AirPlay if you have one of these devices. Simply install the ESPN app from the App Store, then link your ESPN+ account to the app. You will then be able to watch everything ESPN+ on your TV.

If you have an older Apple TV, you won't be able to install the ESPN app on the device. However, if you want to go from AirPlay to a native app experience, there are a wide variety of devices that work with ESPN+ . If you balk at the price of a new Apple TV, there are more affordable options available.

Whichever alternative you choose, ESPN+ will be just as exciting and entertaining on your TV as your mobile devices.

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