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Does HDHomeRun need an internet connection?

Best answer: Yes. For the initial set up, internet will be required. However, for barebones usage internet is not always needed.

Getting online

While attempting to cut the cord, HDHomeRun is inevitably a product that you will come across. Now when you get your HDHomeRun is internet connectivity, something that is going to be a necessity to get rid of the cable company? Well, yes and no.

To get your HDHomeRun setup and configured for use, the internet will be needed. After you have gotten everything initialized and updated, you can start watching live TV using the channel links directly on This will be done independently of the HDHomeRun software. If you want to take advantage of the HDHomeRun platform entirely, you will most certainly need the internet.

Why do you really need the internet?

Generally, when you leave the cable company, you lose many features. However, you get to maintain many if not all with HDHomeRun software. Internet access allows you to get the program guide, pause and rewind, DVR functions, and more. Some of the more advanced features (like DVR, two weeks of programming guides, resume playback, etc.) will require you to pay for an annual subscription. To learn more about the benefits and costs that come with the HDHomeRun software check out our post detailing all them here .

Aside from being able to take advantage of the over-the-air television that is available for free, another fantastic function of the HDHomeRun is streaming. By streaming, I am referring to the ability to watch your OTA television on your device of choice even when you are not at home. It's great when you are away from home and you can still get your local weather or favorite local channels no matter where you are. This, of course, will need a constant internet connection to the HDHomeRun.

I'm a fan of all things tech. Living in the midwest out in the country with my wife and two young boys can make finding ways to stay connected with all the gadgets and streaming difficult, but it’s a welcomed challenge. Bring it on!