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How much does HDHomeRun DVR service cost?

Best answer: To access HDHomeRun DVR services on any of your screens you will need to fork over a $35 annual fee to enjoy your favorite shows at your leisure.

Your TV when you want it.

HDHomeRun does have a free option to access live television. This option is fine if you are looking for a mostly bare-bones approach to viewing your shows. It will net you a 24hr viewing guide showing you all the channels that are available in your viewing area. You will also get a pause button and five minutes worth of rewind. Closed captioning will also be available on the free tier.

Premium viewing

If you want to expand the capabilities of your HDHomeRun experience entirely, it's going to cost you. That cost comes in the form of a $35 annual subscription. Once you sign up for the HDHomeRun DVR service, you will get all the free perks and then some. Of course the ability to schedule and record shows, but this also opens up the luxury of viewing a channel and recording at least one other at the same time.

You may be able to view/record more simultaneously should your particular HDHomeRun have more than two tuners. Another functionality you get for your subscription is that you can start watching on your phone, then finish watching on your laptop (any other device you choose) with the resume viewing feature. The full list of options to the HDHomeRun TV service is available here .

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