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Best answer: No. HDHomeRun needs to connect to your home network via hardwire with an ethernet cable.

It's only a cable, but not that cable.

While the HDHomeRun is quite the sophisticated piece of hardware, it's network connectivity is relegated to a hardline directly into your router. Yes, I know that we are a site about cutting the cord and here we are, talking about adding a you can cut the cord. Don't worry; this cable is the good kind. Using the ethernet cable to connect your HDHomeRun box of choice to your network gives you the benefit of consistency.

What consistency do you ask? Well, you will get less congestion in your wireless network, allowing your HDHomeRun always to be ready to get its software updates as needed. More importantly, it will be able to get channel guides without delays.

Consistency will also be coming to you in the form of your favorite shows when you want them. That direct hardwire allows the box to be on the ready to send your shows out to you at a faster, more reliable stream due to that little cord plugged into the back. Think of it like your HDHomeRun is hanging out in the Matrix fighting off those sentient delays of a congested wireless signal.

But what about the Wi-Fi to my screens?

Don't worry; your shows are accessible wire-free. This is done through the HDHomeRun app. While the physical HDHomeRun box is tied down, your programming is not. You can access all of your shows when and how you want, yes that means over Wi-Fi too.

The HDHomeRun software talks with your reliable tethered hardware to find out what shows you have available. Then, anywhere you have access to their software (Phone, Android TV, laptop, etc.) you can pull up those shows and start bingeing! There are lots of perks to HDHomeRun's software , and some are free, some are not. Of course, if you want to cut the cord, this is the best way to do it!

I'm a fan of all things tech. Living in the midwest out in the country with my wife and two young boys can make finding ways to stay connected with all the gadgets and streaming difficult, but it’s a welcomed challenge. Bring it on!