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22 Chaser | A Canadian tow-truck driver enters a ruthlessly competitive world

22 Chaser Brian J Smith

‘Civilisation is a friggin' highway of bones.’ 

Who knew tow-truck driving was such a cutthroat business? The well-meaning blue-collar protagonist (Brian J Smith) of bleak Canadian drama 22 Chaser finds out the hard way.

Striving to provide for his cash-strapped family, his efforts to make money draw him into the world of Toronto’s ruthlessly competitive traffic accident chasers, who race each other to the site of the latest crash, keen to exploit any opportunity for kickbacks from dodgy garages and bent cops.

The film’s cynicism will be a little too on the nose for some, yet even if we could probably do with a few more shades of grey, the hero’s plight exerts a grim fascination.

Runtime 90 mins. Director Rafal Sokolowski

22 Chaser plays on Sky Cinema Premiere from 17 July.