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Chastity Bites | Film review - Sexual abstinence puts California high-school teens in peril

Chastity Bites Louise Griffiths

Chastity Bites Louise Griffiths

Allison Scagliotti’s budding teenage reporter reckons the enigmatic European visitor promoting sexual abstinence in her California high school has an ulterior motive in Chastity Bites. 'Liz Batho' is actually 16th-century serial killer countess Elizabeth Bathory whose remarkably effective beauty regime involves bathing in the blood of virgins…

Scagliotti makes an appealingly spunky heroine and Louise Griffiths is suitably soignée as her English-accented foe, but they can’t save this flatly directed, terminally lame horror comedy.


Certificate 18. Runtime 89 mins. Director John V Knowles

Chastity Bites makes its debut today on Sky Cinema Premiere and is available on DVD from Safecracker Pictures.