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Couples Vacation | Glamping proves far from cosy for David Arquette and Amy Acker

Couples Vacation David Arquette Amy Acker Adan Canto
(Image credit: Signature Entertainment)

Couples Vacation David Arquette Amy Acker Adan Canto

Love the one yurt with.

Washed-up author Jack (David Arquette) heads off to an eco-friendly glamping retreat in rural Texas with his long-suffering wife Amanda (Amy Acker) in a bid to save their marriage, only to discover that they have been double-booked with a couple of randy newlywed hipsters. Making matters even worse for the pair, Amanda catches the eye of the lusty hunk (Adan Canto) who runs the place while Jack sinks into a self-pitying spiral.

Writer-director Brandon Dickerson tries to pep up this fairly feeble marital comedy with a stream of 1980s pop culture references and matching songs (including ones by The Cure and New Order). But his protagonist is such a morose, humourless boor that you will find it hard to work up very much interest or sympathy in his woes.

Certificate 12A. Runtime 89 mins. Director Brandon Dickerson

Couples Vacation (aka Amanda & Jack Go Glamping) available on Digital from Signature Entertainment. On Sky Cinema Premiere from 9 August.