Fragment of Fear (1970 | Blu-ray world premiere – The enigmatic thriller starring David Hemmings gets a HD re-master

Fragment of Fear

Based on the novel A Fragment of Fear by former M15 spy John Bingham (who was John le Carré's inspiration for his celebrated character, George Smiley), this engaging, enigmatic thriller features David Hemmings (Blow-Up) falling into a waking nightmare of murder, mystery and paranoia.

Hemmings plays a former drug addict who fears for his safety and his sanity after his aunt (Dame Flora Robson) is murdered while they are holiday in Italy. When he tries to investigate her death, he begins to receives a series of menacing threats warning him off the case. But as he continues to delve, the finger of suspicion bizarrely points back to himself…

Gayle Hunnicutt, Arthur Lowe, Yootha Joyce, Daniel Massey and Wilfrid Hyde White lend the excellent support, while composer Johnny Harris, who is best known for working with Lulu, Shirley Bassey and Paul Anka, provides the excellent jazz score.

The Indicator Limited Editon (3000 copies) Blu-ray (world premiere) features a HD re-master and original mono audio, with the following special features…

The Writer as Auteur: an analysis of the life and work of screenwriter Paul Dehn • First Assistant Director William P. Cartlidge on Fragment of Fear • Original radio spots & theatrical trailer • Image gallery • New and improved English subtitles • Collector’s booklet with essay’s from Johnny Mains, composer Johnny Harris, critical responses, and historic articles