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The Housemaid | Ghostly Vietnamese melodrama offers romance, revenge and a spot of history

The Housemaid Kate Nhung
(Image credit: The Movie Partnership)

The Housemaid Kate Nhung

Her Arrival Awakes the Wrath of Spirits.

In war-torn 1953 French colonial Vietnam, a young orphaned woman (Kate Nhung) finds work as a housemaid in a fading rubber plantation and begins an illicit liaison with its French owner, army captain Sebastien (Jean-Michel Richaud). However, his dead wife, who drowned herself in a lake after killing their infant son in a fit of depression and loneliness, reputedly haunts the place.

A big hit in its native Vietnam, The Housemaid (Cô Haû Gaí) glides between creepy supernatural horror, steamy Gothic melodrama and anti-colonial revenge thriller, but its disparate elements and moods never really gel.

Certificate 15. Runtime 105 mis. Director Derek Nguyen

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