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Reckless | Patrick Wilson's slick lawyer has trouble with his zipper in this erotic thriller

Reckless Patrick Wilson

Outwardly smooth but inwardly in turmoil, Patrick Wilson's high-flying lawyer develops an addiction to classy call girls in this overheated erotic thriller.

Reckless Patrick Wilson

Why take the risk

There’s something a little too slick about Patrick Wilson’s perfectly chiselled good looks. Which makes him ideally cast as the slippery protagonist of this erotic thriller about a high-flying lawyer who develops an addiction to classy call girls.

The plot is undeniably overheated. But Wilson’s self-sabotaging anti-hero, Sam Ellis, is convincingly conflicted, while Lena Headey shows flashes of House of Cards’ Claire Underwood as his politically ambitious wife. Ray Winstone pops up, rather less convincingly it has to be said, as the grizzled journalist whose discovery of Sam’s secret life threatens to derail his career.

Certificate 15. Runtime 108 mins. Director Mora Stephens

Reckless debuts on Sky Cinema premiere on Sunday 14 May. Available on DVD from Arrow Films.