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The Resistance | Drama-documentary chronicles a remarkable tale of World War Two survival

The Resistance aka The Invisibles
(Image credit: Signature Entertainment)

The Resistance aka The Invisibles

Hiding in plain sight.

Among the many films about the Holocaust, there are very few that tell the stories of the Jews who managed to survive the war by hiding in plain sight. German director Claus Räfle’s eye-opening documentary-drama The Resistance focuses on four young Jews who led charmed lives in Berlin, keeping out of the hands of the authorities thanks to a mix of sharp wits, naïve pluck, strokes of good fortune and the help of anti-Nazi Germans (another category of people whose existence is usually ignored in accounts of World War Two).

Räfle weaves their stories into a gripping feature-film narrative, interspersing the action with snatches of archive footage and interviews with the survivors in old age. Yes, sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction

Certificate 12A. Runtime 110 mins. Director Claus Räfle