Neighbours: Benji McNair talks about his return to Ramsay Street as Malcolm Kennedy (VIDEO)

Neighbours actor Benji McNair (opens in new tab) has said in a special online interview that it’s great to be back on Ramsay Street for the Kennedy family's 20th anniversary… and Jackie Woodburne (opens in new tab) certainly looks happy about his return…

Benji, 39, played Susan (Jackie) and Karl (Alan Fletcher (opens in new tab)) Kennedy's son Malcolm from 1994 to 1997, but has made a few guest appearances over the years and now is back to celebrate the family's second decade in Erinsborough.

Talking with Jackie, 58, they revealed their favourite Neighbours’ moments, how the soap has changed and how it is for Benji to return…

Libby (Kym Valentine (opens in new tab)), Ben (now Felix Mallard (opens in new tab)) and Holly (now Lucinda Armstrong Hall (opens in new tab)) have also returned to the cast as part of the anniversary storyline.

Watch the interview below.

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