Neighbours court drama: Paul is jailed for blowing up Lassiters!

Neighbours star Stefan Dennis tells Soaplife how Paul's sent to prison for blowing up Lassiters and killing Doug and Josh Willis in the process...

The first shock comes when Paul changes his plea from "guilty" to "not guilty", right?

"Yes. The court's in uproar! Paul's lawyer Toadie's carefully planned case is thrown completely out of the window by Paul changing his mind. Yet, somehow, he manages to persuade Toadie [Ryan Moloney] to continue to defend him and, for a short while, it looks hopeful. But then comes the devastating verdict…"

So Paul gets banged-up!

"Yes – and for what looks like a long time. He still protests he's innocent, but very few people believe him. Ironically, Toadie's one person who did actually start to believe Paul was innocent."

Will he appeal?

"No. He's at rock bottom. He feels betrayed by Terese [Rebekah Elmaloglou] and that hurts him. He's given up and resigned himself to a life inside."


"Yes! He feels there's nothing left for him. He's ruined financially, he's turned the few friends he has against him, and he refuses to see his family because he doesn't want them to see him like this."

You’re going to be doing a lot of filming in prison then!

"I joke to the producers that they should make a male version of Prisoner: Cell Block H and I'll play the lead. Yes, there's a lot of prison stuff."

And it goes on for years?

"I can't tell you that. Let's just stay I'm still in the show!"

Will Paul struggle in prison?

"He'll do whatever's necessary. He realises this is his life now and he'll survive as best as he can."

Is this Paul's lowest ever point?

“It's one of two. The other one was the fake cancer storyline with Dr Nick [Damien Fotiou]. Which is worse? Thinking you're going to die or spending years in jail? There’s not much you can do about dying. In prison, though, you can try and adapt and make the best of the worst."

Is he guilty or not?

"He's Paul Robinson – that well-known, manipulative, vengeful liar. But, then again, he just might be telling the truth!"

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