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Viewers hail ITV's 5 Gold Rings the most addictive show ever after THIS tricky question

Phillip Schofield hosts 5 Gold Rings
(Image credit: ITV / Possessed)

TVs across the nation now have fingerprints all over them...

5 Gold Rings returned to ITV tonight, and game show fans across the country couldn't be happier.

But while viewers have spent their evening trying to guess where a beluga whale's eye might be, everyone is complaining about the same thing... this game show is far too addictive!

Tonight was the first episode of six as the show returns to our screens for 2020.

And fans all agree that 5 Gold Rings is the perfect family entertainment for a Sunday evening.

TV tonight 5 Gold Rings

Phillip Schofield was joined by soap stars Matthew Wolfenden and Simon Gregson on tonight's 5 Gold Rings (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: ITV)

Two celebrities joined the teams this week, and they were soap stars Simon Gregson, better known as Coronation Street's Steve McDonald, and Matthew Wolfenden, who plays Emmerdale's David Metcalfe.

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The famous faces joined contestants Brenda and Frank in a bid to win them the £50,000 cash prize.

How does the game work? 

For those of you who might be new to the game, the show sees the celebrities and their team mates answering questions by placing a series of golden rings on a visual image placed on an LED floor.

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Tonight saw Matthew Wolfenden trying to remember where a computer generated 5p had landed on a picture after it has been turned blank.

Meanwhile Simon was made to guess where a whale's eye might have been after it had been removed from a picture.

But as fans played along with the game at home via the show's app, everyone was in agreement that 5 Gold Rings is the most addictive show on TV.

Fans took to social media to talk about the game, hosted by Phillip Schofield...

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In the end Matthew Wolfenden managed to bring his teammate to victory, winning him a cool £21,000 to take home.

Next week will see best friends Hirra and Safia take on Chris and his mother-in-law as they try and win the prize money.

But who will prove to be a whizz with their gold rings?

5 Gold Rings airs on Sunday evenings at 6pm on ITV1.