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Danny Miller — things you didn't know about the 'Emmerdale' star

Danny Miller, Emmerdale
Danny Miller has become a household name for playing the role of Aaron Dingle in 'Emmerdale'. (Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Since he joined Emmerdale back in 2008, Danny Miller has become a household name for playing the role of Aaron Dingle.

Not only did he capture the hearts of the nation as he became one half of the soap's most popular couple, 'Robron' alongside former co-star Ryan Hawley (who played Robert Sugden), but he has often found himself at the center of some of Emmerdale's most hard-hitting storylines.

He's just recently announced that he has quit Emmerdale just days before he's set to enter Gwrych Castle for I'm A Celebrity 2021. It's thought that he wants to pursue new projects following the birth of his new son.

How much do you know about Danny Miller?

Of course, there's more to Danny than just being in Emmerdale.Most fans of the actor will know that:

  • He's won countless awards for his role as Aaron Dingle
  • He was in ITV drama Scott and Bailey before joining Emmerdale
  • He co-founded the charity Once Upon a Smile in memory of former Emmerdale producer Gavin Blyth

Here are a few facts you might not know about Danny Miller...

1. 'Emmerdale' wasn't his first major acting role

Like lots of TV stars, Danny made a name for himself as an actor on CBBC drama Grange Hill in 2007 before he joined the Emmerdale cast a year later. 

He was in the show for 8 episodes, playing a character called Kyle Brown, and the rest, as they say, is now history. 

2. Danny Miller spends his spare time with his friends and family

With his hectic filming schedule on Emmerdale, Danny can often be found working 12-hour days, but he unwinds by catching up with his friends and family, spending time with his fiancée Steph and their new baby, their dogs Gini and Kenny, or playing football and working up a sweat at the gym.

3. Danny Miller is best friends with his co-stars

Emmerdale actors have always praised the show for its close-knit cast and crew, and Danny is no different. The actor is bound to have made friends with the people he has worked with for more than 10 years, but he is so close to some of his colleagues that he classes them as ‘family’. 

He often shares pictures of himself with Emma Atkins (Charity Dingle) and Isobel Steele (Liv Flaherty) both of whom he credits as close friends. He is also best friends with former Emmerdale favourite Adam Thomas

4. He’s a very proud uncle 

Danny often shows the world what a doting brother, brother-in-law, and uncle he is by sharing pictures of himself with his nieces and nephews on Instagram. 

He’s clearly a very popular uncle Dan! 

5. He's not a natural singer 

While he might enjoy getting up on stage and belting out a song after a few beers, Danny has admitted that singing isn’t exactly his strongest point! 

He told Digital Spy: "I don't have a nice singing voice! I'll usually try to murder a Frank Sinatra song like 'My Way'. In my head, I sound exactly like him, but when you watch the footage back, evidently not! 

"But other than that, I try to stay away from singing as much as I can, it's not a highlighted talent of mine!"

6. He’s got a famous dad

Danny’s dad, Vince Miller, is a comedian and compère with 65 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Before retiring, Vince was probably best known for being the matchday host at Old Trafford and was very good friends with Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton. Danny often shares pictures of his dad on social media and the pair are very close. 

7. He’s terrified of heights

If there was one thing in this world you would never catch Danny Miller doing, it is jumping out of a plane. In fact, he is so terrified about the idea that he actually turned down doing a skydive while filming for Emmerdale

The actor told Digital Spy: "Years ago they gave me the option to do it, but I just couldn't. I've always regretted it. I'm absolutely terrified of heights, so maybe it's something I'd like to do in the future... although even saying it scares me!"

Will he be forced to face his fear on I'm A Celebrity?!

Danny Miller's Fact File 

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the actor....

How old is he?

Danny Miller's age is 29. He was born on 2nd January 1991.

Is he in a relationship?

Yes; Danny Miller announced his engagement to his girlfriend Steph in January 2021. The couple also has two pet dogs, Gini and Kenny.

Does he have kids?

Yes, Danny and Steph recently had their first child together. Steph gave birth to their newborn son, Albert, on Oct. 25, 2021.

Where was he born?

Danny Miller was born in Stockport in Greater Manchester.

Twitter: @DannyBMiller

Instagram: @ danny_b_miller

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7 pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8 pm on Thursdays.

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