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'A Quiet Place' spinoff is in the works with Jeff Nichols slated to write and direct

Emily Blunt stars in 'A Quiet Place II'
(Image credit: Paramount Pictures)

A Quiet Place was a smash-hit for Paramount Pictures. The film brought horror fans a fresh and notably silent take on the genre, and raked in a hefty $340m on a slim $17mil budget. And that's with a PG-13 rating, to boot. 

Now, the franchise is set to broaden with a spinoff helmed by writer and director Jeff Nichols. This new spin is intended to release sometime in 2022, with the yet-to-be-released A Quiet Place II slated for April 23rd, 2021. The film was originally planned for 2020, but we all know what happened to any major film planned for this year.

It's also worth noting that while this new film is being slated as a spinoff, there's no evidence saying it wont be a straight sequel somehow. Paramount is understandably keeping details under wraps with the second film in the franchise not yet released. Expect speculation to run rampant on this one both before and after we all get a chance to see the sequel. 

Whether it's a continuation or a spinoff from the original story, there's plenty of room for this new film to reach wide-spread success in the same way the original (and presumably the sequel) did. Because John Krasinski put forward a family-focused film that put forward the same information that our protagonists had and nothing more, there are hundreds of unanswered questions about what's happened to the rest of the world outside of the rural area the Abbott family occupies, the monsters themselves, and what potential advantages they can glean from the weaknesses discovered in A Quiet Place.  

The possibilities are nearly endless for where we can see this story go, not just because of its wide-spread story that we still know little about, but because of its financial success as well. As of right now, it appears Krasinski wont have as much involvement as he did in the first two films, but expect more information on that as news on the project unfolds.

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