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Andrea McLean is left red faced after THIS happened on Loose Women

Andrea McLean is known for her composed manner on Loose Women, often leading the panel discussion on various controversial topics.

However this morning she was left rather red-faced after accidentally slipping up during a heated debate. The panellist, 49, was engaged in a discussion about whether or not the hosts, and guest Michael Ball, still fancied their partners.

The TV presented was discussing an ex-boyfriend who body shamed her, asking her to ‘buy rice cakes’ in order to keep her weight down.

She told the audience, “My moment came when this person came home with the shopping and said "You may have noticed I bought rice cakes because I mean, look at the size of your a***.”

Quickly realising her gaffe, the Loose Woman then covered her mouth, exclaiming, “Oh, I've said that word! I mean bottom!”

Andrea McLean, Loose Women

Co-hosts Coleen Nolan, Stacey Solomon and Saira Khan were seen chuckling at her mishap.

While Andrea continued, “I’m not with that person anymore. I'm so professional I can't believe I said that word! Crikey!”

Her colleague Coleen responded: “No matter that, I hope you binned the rice cakes!”

Viewers expressed their delight on twitter. One wrote, 'I can't wait to see the headlines about how mild mannered Andrea McLean filled the airwaves with foul language !

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While another said jokingly, 'Oh my word did Andrea really say the word arse. I'm shocked

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Loose Women will air next on Monday 22 April.