Apprentice's Debra 'upset' about saucy video

Apprentice's Debra 'upset' about saucy video
Apprentice's Debra 'upset' about saucy video (Image credit: Talkback Thames)

The Apprentice hopeful Debra Barr is said to be "mystified and upset" after a friend tried to sell a saucy video of her with another woman. The Sun reports that the 24-year-old - who has a steady boyfriend - was videoed on a friend's mobile phone with the woman during the incident which took place at a party. However she is said to be fuming after the footage was put up for sale - and is also concerned as to what Sir Alan Sugar might think. "Debra’s a fun-loving girl and this is just her larking about and enjoying herself after a few drinks," a source told the paper. "It’s sexy tomfoolery at a club, nothing more. Debra loves posing for the camera and once she has had a drink or too the steely businesswoman persona drops and she is up for having a lot of fun. "Everyone knows she is in a very happy relationship with her fella but the video shows she is game for laugh — and that when she dresses to go out she is a real bombshell. It is the last thing Sir Alan would suspect." Debra - who is gaining a reputation for being tough as nails on the show, triumphed on Wednesday night's show when she led the successful team in a task to produce and market home fitness equipment.

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