Battling Emmerdale fans finally agree on something as latest episode brings HUGE reaction

Emmerdale sign
Is this episode a sign of more peaceful time for fans? (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans are a passionate bunch. They have strong opinions on their favourite soap, and its characters and storylines.

Some demand that former lovers Charity and Vanessa should reunite, while others love the energy of Charity’s romance with Mac. Many thought that the Meena serial killer story was the most gripping soap plot in years, while others thought it as over-the-top unbelievable nonsense.

So, there can often be some… erm… let’s just say ‘lively’ debate online as the viewers express their opinions.

With such strength of feeling out there, it’s rare to see a unanimous opinion on a story.


Faith and Chas came to terms with the news. (Image credit: ITV)

But on Thursday, the soap finally did the impossible and screened an instalment that elicited the same reaction from everyone.

The episode saw ill Faith receive the news that her cancer had spread. Bravely accepting the news, she reiterated her decision that she didn’t want any more chemotherapy treatment.

Her daughter, Chas, had been hoping for some miracle with her mum’s illness, but finally had to accept the truth.

So, Chas’ new mission was to reunite Cain and Faith, with the son and mother currently estranged and Cain wanting nothing to do with his mother’s demise.

Emmerdale Chas and Cain

Chas and Cain bared their souls. (Image credit: ITV)

Soon, Chas and Cain found themselves have a long night discussing the past, as they revisited the reasons for Cain’s anger at his mum.

Elsewhere, Faith visited her friends Pollard and Brenda as they came to terms with her news.

These emotional scenes moved viewers to tears.

Emmerdale Faith and Cain

Cain and Faith welcomed a new day – and a new start? (Image credit: ITV)

And by the time the episode ended, with Cain and Faith finally reconciling as they watched a beautiful Yorkshire sunrise, the viewer praise for the script, acting and direction in the episode was off the scale.

“Cain and Faith at the end was just everything,” said one viewer.

It touched others as it brought back their own experiences: “It's a hard watch because my mam went the same way, but it's being done so sensitively and beautifully,” said another.

But all-in-all there was only one reaction: HUGE praise: “Best episode in a long time,” summed up one viewer.

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As viewers recovered from the emotional drama, we’re sure the peace and harmony won’t last too long.

After all, Friday’s episode sees Chas’ controversial affair with Al continue while Liv’s rather Marmite mum Sandra turns up in the village.

As you were, Emmerdale fans!

Emmerdale screens Monday to Friday at 7.30pm, including an hour-long special on Thursdays.

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