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BBC drama Silk to get a spin-off series on Radio 4

Stars from BBC One series Silk are to feature in a series of spin-off legal dramas on Radio 4, which will give a different perspective to the characters.

Silk: The Clerks' Room is a series of three stories for the afternoon drama slot on the station, made by the creative team behind the TV show, whose third series ends later this month.

The productions will look in greater depth at the team of legal clerks at the Shoe Lane chambers, headed by Billy Lamb (Neil Stuke), beginning on April 1.

The 45-minute shows will each focus on a different clerk - who are the backbone of the barristers' careers, with Jake (Theo Barklem-Biggs), Bethany (Amy Wren) and John (John Macmillan) taking centre stage.

While it has been relatively common for radio programmes to be developed for TV - such as Hitchhikers' Guide To The Galaxy, Little Britain and Flight Of The Conchords - it's unusual for original TV shows to then move on to radio, although Danish TV hit Borgen was adapted for Radio 4 listeners last year.

Miranda Raison (pictured) - who plays practice manager Harriet Hammond - will also appear from the TV version.

Further productions will be broadcast on April 8 and 15, each at 2.15pm.


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