BBC teases Boiling Point TV series with first-look images

Andy (Stephen Graham) with beer in hand on a sofa in the Boiling Point TV series.
Stephen Graham returns in Boiling Point later this year. (Image credit: BBC/Boiling Point TV Limited/Kevin Baker)

The BBC has released some first-look images from the Boiling Point TV series.

First announced back in October 2022, the Boiling Point series will pick up nearly a year on from when chef Andy Jones (Stephen Graham) suffered a heart attack at the end of the BAFTA-nominated movie.

The three new images see Andy's sous chef, Carly (once again played by Vinette Robinson) side-by-side with another chef in the restaurant. Per an earlier release, we know that she's stepping up to the Head Chef role and working alongside members of her previous team in a new restaurant. 

Another image shows several members of the kitchen staff in a meeting, whilst the third shows Andy looking despondent at home on a chair, beer in hand.  

Although the images themselves don't give too much away from the series, they are accompanied by a more detailed series synopsis than we've had so far. 

From the sounds of things, this series is set to be just as nerve-shredding as the 2021 feature film!

This new summary reads: "Eight months after her mentor Andy Jones (Stephen Graham) suffered a heart attack, head chef Carly (Vinette Robinson) is battling to forge a name for new Dalston restaurant Point North alongside her old kitchen crew. 

"We follow the team as the stresses of keeping the restaurant running bear down on them amidst a hospitality industry in crisis. With the pressure to draw in new, hungry customers and the financial squeeze to keep the business profitable, the team must find a way to manage their complicated personal lives whilst creating quality food day in, day out."

Along with the new images, the release confirms that the series will be slightly shorter than originally planned. It was previously reported that the series would be five episodes long, but the new announcement lists the new drama as a four-parter. 

A precise release date for the Boiling Point TV series has not been confirmed just yet, but the series is slated to air on the BBC and BBC iPlayer at some point in 2023. 

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